Tiny Planet Blast
Tiny Planet Blast APK

Tiny Planet Blast APK Download (Latest Version) v1.0.5 for Android

January 15, 2022

Information of Tiny Planet Blast

Tiny Planet Blast
56.9 MB
6.0 and up

Tiny Planet Blast is a smartphone game with lots of adventures and fun. Players find themselves somewhere in space and destroy gigantic planets or stones using different weapons. Hence, you have to solve the given puzzles one by one. As a result, new skills & playing objects will get opened as your reward. In-game coins & points are more important than any other thing. The more planets you destroy successfully, the more levels you unlock gradually. However, users can also install a modified version of this game with the title of Tiny Planet Blast APK.

This mod game unlocks all the available planets without any investments. Moreover, destroying elements, like rockets & bombs, are also available in a big amount. In short, it is an easy-peasy game compared to its original version. If you are trying to make more victories in the game, then download this simpler edition from THEAPKMart. It doesn’t consume unnecessary energy and resources. Therefore, it is much economical and beneficial. Thus, start playing it now and earn as many gems as you can. An easy story with rewarding results will engage you firmly.

Features of the Tiny Planet Blast APK:

The developers use the idea of space exploration to set the story and theme of this game. When the story begins, you leave the earth to find more planets. Once you see a new flying object in space, destroy it immediately and occupy its resources. In this way, your score increases, and your portfolio becomes full of achievements. Finally, here is the list of the main features of the Tiny Planet Blast APK.

Unlock All Items

Since the official game has very few playing objects in the beginning, therefore you need to have all the essentials. For example, weapons, rockets, grenades, nuclear instruments, etc., are unlocked now.

Lucky Draw + Gift Box

The spinning wheel is useable more than one time. So, use it again and again and receive fab rewards. Similarly, a gift box is also waiting for you. Tap on it and see the inside material to enjoy it freely.

Unlock Skills

Likewise, you can get desired results using various skills. High-speed bullets, rockets, damage to the planets, and all planets are unlocked in the Tiny Planet Blast APK. All this makes you a fluent gamer effectively.

Destroy & Earn

When you attack a planet with bombs and weapons, you earn gems, diamonds, and points as a reward. Then, this currency is used to unlock more assets of the game. Honestly, your account is already filled with a lot of in-game currency.

Upgrade Skills

Gaming skills are not deniable. The more grip you have on the skills, the easier you win the game. Thus, enhance your skills using in-game assets. Destruction of planets will require a lot of energy and pro skills indeed.


Overall, the story of this game is catchy & absorbing. It is the reason players get addicted to it. Since the Tiny Planet Blast APK has unlocked the majority of in-game items, therefore it becomes more interesting. If you have played the official game, try this alternative version too. But do not forget to establish your profile. Otherwise, your progress will not be saved. In the end, I also want to mention that it is not the official game. That’s why you can’t get it from the Play Store.