Stumble Guys Beta Mod
Stumble Guys Beta Mod

Stumble Guys Beta Mod APK Download (Latest Version) v0.66.0 beta24 for Android

February 20, 2024

Information of Stumble Guys Beta Mod

Stumble Guys Beta Mod
166 MB
Mairaj Mods
Android 5.0+

All gamers are well familiar with the fun and action game, Stumble Guys. However, its modified versions are more popular among fans than the original game. Actually, mods eliminate the requirement of buying in-game stuff. So, a new version Stumble Guys Beta Mod is out now. Download and install this fresh variant to enjoy plenty of freebies without any hassle. It contains all the essential elements to make you a winner among 32 survivors.

It looks like Mairaj Gaming that you have already used. It means you have more stuff to make your gaming sessions pleasant. At the same time, you must remember that mod games should be used carefully. The owners of Stumble Guys don’t accept cheating or modifications. In other words, utilize mod games at your own risk. Anyway, the APK files are ready to work on your Android device. Use these alternatives and share your thoughts.

Stumble Guys Beta Mod Features:

When you open the game after installing it on your phone, it shows the following mod menu with many inbuilt hacks. You can apply them according to your needs in the game. Moreover, this mod menu is useable anytime during the game.

  • Unlock Skins
  • Unlock Emotes
  • Unlock Animations
  • Unlock Footsteps
  • Unlimited Money
  • Max Speed
  • 999 Level
  • Remove Ads
  • Default Chams
  • Shading Chams
  • Wireframe Chams
  • Glow Chams
  • Outline Chams
  • Rainbow Chams
  • Line Width

The owner of Stumble Guys Beta Mod doesn’t recommend the activation of all cheats at once. Instead, turn on only the most compulsory features. If you behave extremely differently in the game, other players will detect your exceptional efficiency. As a result, you may face an account ban issue.

Benefits of Stumble Guys Beta Mod:

The game forces you to run on unpredictable playgrounds. You can’t guess what hurdles are coming next. Hence, this element of surprising and amazing is the heart of this action story. If you keep moving successfully, you ultimately reach the final point.

New Courses: Get ready to experience new obstacle courses. Extremely difficult hurdles, fire, bombs, stones, and broken bridges will test your walking, running, and jumping skills.

Better Visuals: Awesome graphics make the game more colorful, realistic, and smooth. All characters look very good on an engaging and funny playground. You will surely love this improved game.

Customization: The main thing you want to control in Stumble Guys Beta Mod is your character. Now, you have more items to customize your hero with desired costumes and skills and make it unique.

Unlimited Health: Collisions and hurdles make you weaker in the game. But don’t worry sing the mod game gives you unlimited power-ups. Then, you can finish the game even after several damages.

No Requirements: Above all, the Stumble Guys Beta Mod doesn’t require a password, login details, or any extra tool. Simply download, install, and run it in no time. It is as simple as the official variant.

Final Words:

Stumble Guys Beta Mod is an online multiplayer game with immersive graphics and gameplay. Fun physics, in-game levels, colorful comic characters, and plenty of race courses make it attractive for all gamers. That’s why it is loved by thousands of active users. Do you want to make this game more exciting and lovable? Get the free edition of Stumble Guys Beta Mod and observe your enhanced efficiency.