Friday Night Funkin
Friday Night Funkin APK

Friday Night Funkin APK Download (Latest Version) v0.2.8 build 1 for Android

v0.2.8 build 1
February 3, 2024

Information of Friday Night Funkin

Friday Night Funkin
v0.2.8 build 1
225.5 MB
5.0 and up

Do you have a good sense of music? If yes, then Friday Night Funkin APK is an adequate musical game with some romantic missions. It not only tests your musical knowledge but also gives a reward in the form of love scenes with your girlfriend in the game. It is the right choice if you are tired of fighting for sports games. Entertain yourself in your free time by checking your capabilities. The APK file is free and ready to download for everyone from THEAPKMart.

Indeed, the chief characters of the game are a boy & a girl. The boy owns a unique appearance, showing him a rapper. He wants to kiss his lover, but the father of the girl stops him from doing this. Instead, he challenges the boy to guess specific themes or rhythms. You can beat music by following the instructions on the screen. It tells you how to perform correctly. The performance will be visible at the bottom through a meter. Resultantly, the boy can kiss his girlfriend.

So, Friday Night Funkin is a combination of both romance & music. Now, let see what are the main characters & features in this game.

Features of Friday Night Funkin APK:

  • It is a story-based game.
  • The graphics & gameplay are in a good position.
  • You can easily complete all the tasks by following the guidelines.
  • Easy to control & addictive game for music lovers.
  • Two different playing modes are available.
  • The tutorial provides all guidelines about it.
  • User-friendly & distinctive Android game for all.
  • No subscription or data connection for it.
  • Rules & regulations are strict, thus no chance of cheating.

Game Modes

Primarily, it has two playing modes:

  1. Story Mode
  2. Free Play

The former is the same as I told you in the second paragraph. In this mode, a good storyline runs depending on the players’ progress. Not only the girl’s father but many other hurdles or challenges come in your way. You have to pass all of them, and thus, the story of Friday Night Funkin ends.

 The latter can also be named as a practice mode. It offers unlimited rhymes for you. You will continue to play if your assessment is right. You can get mastery over music in this mode.

How to Download & Play Friday Night Funkin Mobile?

Well, the game is free to download & play through this platform. Additionally, it is easy to play since all the moves are clear on the screen. By following these indications, you will never lose. The screen will guide you to which button you should tap correctly. Just play the music optimally and see your efficiency. The mechanics of Friday Night Funkin Mobile show resemblances with DDR.

But remember one thing. The rules & regulations are essential to follow. Do not try to manipulate the game in any form. Moreover, it is not a sexual or harassing game with any immoral activities.


No doubt, thousands of games are playable in online & offline modes. Sports, action, puzzles, education, and many other types engage all people. Friday Night Funkin APK is one of the stylish games with a different storyline. If you find it relevant to your taste, then get it free of cost from us.