Hole House
Hole House

Hole House APK Download (Latest Version) v0.1.41 for Android

August 1, 2023

Information of Hole House

Hole House
522 MB
5.0 and up

Welcome to the world of Hole House, a game with an adult theme. It lets players engage and live with a group of virtual girls. Players enjoy a never-before-seen level of freedom to explore their fantasies. In truth, they interact with the female characters while running a run-down brothel. This thrilling adventure will challenge your skills and decision-making abilities as you navigate the complex world of pleasure and profit. Is it interesting for you? If yes, then get it free of cost from TheAPKMart.

Overview of Hole House Game:

Before starting the game, you must have full knowledge of its main theme. The game revolves around an old brothel that has recently changed ownership. So, the new owner intends to revive the company and increase its profitability. As a player, your goal is to establish your value and aid the employer in overcoming obstacles.

Since it is an adult game, it gives players an immersive experience centered on adult stories and interactions. However, the narrative strongly emphasizes how empowerment gives women power and control. Players will be immersed in a world where women are in charge and they are free to pursue their wants.

Joining the Brothel Business:

Your first responsibility as a new hire in the brothel industry is to show off your skills. The establishment is currently having trouble and is in desperate need of a new employee to draw in more employees and boost sales. Hence, your ability to hire new employees will be crucial.

Recruiting New Women

The lack of girls at the brothel is currently seriously affecting its ability to make money. Thus, your primary responsibility is to find and recruit new women to work in the brothel. By doing this, you help the company develop and grow while also assuring its seamless running.

Gameplay Mechanics

Players in Hole House APK are free to mingle with the females and take part in a variety of activities. It offers a variety of options, letting users explore their imaginations and wants. In brief, many options are available, like talks, romances, or personal interactions.

Objectives and Challenges

It is not simple to run the system. Your objective is to make it profitable by managing resources, staff, and customer satisfaction. Remember, the success of the business depends on striking a balance between the wants and needs of the girls and the customers.

Strategies for Success

It is crucial to establish trusting relationships with the girls if you want to succeed. Additionally, imp tactics include growing the business, luring new clients, and improving employee admin. You have to talk to working girls to know their personalities.

Features of Hole House:

  • Change outfits of characters
  • Create different body types
  • Enjoy dating girls
  • Establish physical relations
  • It contains adult scenes.
  • Only 18+ gamers can use it.
  • Have control of brothels
  • Multilingual game
  • Customize characters
  • Free to download & use
  • Multiple levels
  • Puzzle-solving game
  • Simple graphics
  • Diverse challenges
  • Much more

Controversies and Criticisms

Due to its depiction of women and adult themes, the game Hole House has drawn controversy and criticism. It is significant to remember that the game is designed for mature audiences, and discretion is urged. Therefore, players should be conscious of their comfort zones and adhere to responsible gaming guidelines. If you want to engage yourself in some healthy and good activities, try another simple genre of mobile games. That’s it.


Let’s revise the main points. The game Hole House is fit for adults only. It contains erotic scenes with girls. Anyway, a player can pick different strategies to run the brothel. The developers have added various elements to build the story. As a result, gamers have to buy these items. Yet, the mod version doesn’t require any expenses. Finally, you can get it free of cost from this page if you are comfortable with it.