Dragon Ball Tap Battle

Dragon Ball Tap Battle APK Download (Latest Version) v1.4 for Android

November 13, 2018

Information of Dragon Ball Tap Battle

Dragon Ball Tap Battle
135 MB
FA 1v7
2.3 and up

Do you love playing combat games? Here we are offering you one of the leading 2D combat game, Dragon Ball Tap Battle. You are going to experience one of the amazing experiences of handling dragon balls. The game interface is splendid; you are going to control the players using a system controller. And that system controller gets to work for you with the taps on the screen or virtual gamepads.

If you do not have the pads, the touchscreen taps would amuse you to enjoy the game from the core. The game offers you the experience of smooth sailing in undisturbed waters. You got to choose the favorite character of you and attacking the other player. You even can join your friends to combat with you, to steer up the level of fun.

How to install & play Dragon Ball Tap Battle game?

  1. Download the APK file of the game from the given download link.
  2. The game need some additional files while getting installing on an Android phone.
  3. If you find the game is taking too much time, don’t worry, it will really take some time.
  4. The game is developed in the Japanese language; still, you will be enjoying the combat without much of the problems.
  5. You are going to choose some of the iconic characters from the history of anime, such as Goku, Vegeta, Krillin, and Gohan.
  6. In sum up, you will get more than 20 different characters and you will be battling with the opponents with some of the iconic dragon ball scenes.
  7. As the game continues, and your progress towards the next levels, you see the special moves have become very handy. You can blow up on the opponents; can get him down using special movies and dragon-fire.

The controls of the characters in this game are very easy; though the game is in 2D graphics are mesmerizing. Download superb game Dragon Ball: Tap Battle APK file English version from the given download link, and have some extensive experience of playing one of the most favorite 2D combat game on your Android phone. Moreover, keep visiting TheAPKMart for more game APK files.