Zolaxis Patcher
Zolaxis Patcher

Zolaxis Patcher APK Download (Latest Version) v2.9 for Android

v2.9 Part 39
January 16, 2024

Information of Zolaxis Patcher

Zolaxis Patcher
v2.9 Part 39
4.4 MB
5.0 and up

No doubt Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a famous online multiplayer battle game. It is installed by 100M+ people from Google Play Store from all over the world. By playing a simple game and you get bored using the same game regularly. And searching for a cheat app like this Zolaxis Patcher and looking the game with hacks. Well, in this case, you are using the right platform. Here in this article, you can download the app and read a complete review of the app. So, before downloading and installing this app. Must read this article about what it is and what are the key features it offers.

Zolaxis Patcher is a skin injector for Mobile Legends. It allows you to use all the premium skins of ML game for free of cost. Here, you can browse and set your favorite one that you want in the game. Moreover, it offers you to customize various characters by using skins. Apart from this, you can also download any skin that you want. And inject in the game without spending any penny.

Additionally, there is a maximum of 53+ Assasin skins, 63+ Marksman (MM) skins, 68+ Fighter skins, 53 Mage skins, 31 Tank skins, & 17 Support skins available for users. Besides, more cheats like Battle Emotes, Recalls, and Drone View features also available for cheat lovers. Apart from these features, I have seen one of the best features of this app. That is the Bugs Fixer. Yes, by using this feature you can remove the various bugs in skins and can fix them easily. Furthermore, please make sure that to enable this feature you need storage permission must be ON in your Mobile Legends Bang Bang game. So, let’s explore more main features deeply below:

Zolaxis Patcher Features:

Here are Zolaxis Patcher Injector features that offers. So, lets read it!

  • Assasin: There are 53 Assasin skins including 5 Gusion skins, 5 Fanny (Revamped), 5 Selena, 5 Ling, 5 Lancelot, 5 Natalia, 5 Helcurt, 5 Karina, 5 Hayabusa, 5 Saber (Revamped), & 3 Hanzo.
  • Marksman (MM): In this, there are 63 MM skins including 5 Granger skins, 5 Lesley, 5 Claude, 5 Kimmy, 4 Hanobi, 5 Moskov, 5 Karrie, 5 Miya (Revamped), 5 Irithel, 5 Bruno, 5 Layla (Revamped), 4 Roger (Revamped), 3 Yi Sun Shin (Revamped), and 2 Popol & Kupa.
  • Fighter: 68 Fighter skins including 5 Chou (Revamped) skins, 5 Aldous, 5 X borg, 5 Guinevere, 5 Badang, 5 Freya, 5 Alucard (Revamped), 5 Leomord, 4 Zilong (Revamped), 4 Jawhead, 4 Ruby, 3 Yuzhong, 3 Dyrroth, 3 Masha, 3 Silvanna, 3 Terizia, and 2 Thamuz skins.
  • Mage: In Mage, there are 53 skins for you including 5 Valir, 5 Harith, 5 Odette, 5 Kagura, 5 Lunox, 5 Harley, 5 Chang’e, 4 Zhask, 4 Lylia, 4 Esmeralda, 3 Pharsa, 2 Lou Yi, 2 Kadita, and 2 Cecilion.
  • Tank: 31 Tank skins available including 3 Trigreal (Revamped) skins, 4 Khufra, 4 Uranus, 4 Jhonson, 5 Franco, 5 Grock, 3 Lolita, 2 Gatotkaca, 3 Minotaur, and 3 Atlas.
  • Support: 17 Support skins are there including 5 Nana, 5 Angela, 4 Estes, & 3 Diggie skins.
  • Emotes: Gusion, Lesley, Layla, Chou, and more emotes.
  • Recalls: Fire Crown, Seal of Anvil Crawlers, Firebolt and etc.
  • Drone View: 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x, 8x, 9x, 10x, backup.
  • Bugs Fixer: Moreover, all in one bugs fixer can remove the Tower Health Bar Bug, Jungle Health Bar Bug, Pink Map Bug, Pink Hero Bug, Stuck Loading, Black Screen, and Minimap Bug.

In the end, I want to tell you that, in the current version (Part 39) of Zolaxis Patcher there is no password. In short, you can easily use this app without any password. So, you can simply download the Zolaxis Patcher APK file now (new update) and enjoy premium skins for free. Moreover, there are many similar apps available on our website like Altlove Gaming Injector, Box Skin Injector, and many more. You can also try these. 🙂