Yuri Patcher
Yuri Patcher

Yuri Patcher APK Download (Latest Version) v2.4 for Android

July 28, 2021

Information of Yuri Patcher

Yuri Patcher
16.2 MB
Yuri Playz
5.0 and up

All the battle games contain several heroes or characters, which we select to play online with others. Similarly, Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB), being an action shooter game, has the choice of 105 heroes until now. Since they have unique specialties to fight in the game, therefore, every ML fan cries out for the deadliest characters. Indeed, it confirms your victory and rewards you with valuable gaming items. If you want to utilize all the strengths of your favorite ML heroes free, then implement the Yuri Patcher Injector app.

Believe it or not, this small tool controls or patches the MLBB gameplay to run it in your favor. And it is capable of injecting bundles of ML Skins, Analogs, Emotes, Recalls, Backgrounds, Drone, etc., into the game. Though, all these things are premium. But, Yuri Patcher and ZPatcher know how to manipulate the game. Such cheating tools are the ideals of millions of modern gamers. It bypasses the process of payment while purchasing gaming stuff. As a result, one becomes able to utilize the premium features without paying anything.

So, let finalize the advantages of our today’s mod app.

Benefits of using the Yuri Patcher:

More or less following features are accessible free of cost through this injector. However, you can use it only when you play MLBB on an Android phone or tablet. So, enjoy it.

Fix Bugs: You can fix different issues disturbing in the game.

  • Stuck on Loading Screen
  • Skin Bugs (Pink Skins)
  • Map Bugs (Pink Maps)
  • Black Loading Screen
  • Random Hero Icons
  • Missing Hero Icons

All Skin: Indeed, you can choose beautiful pieces from a vast collection.

  • 81+ skin for 21 Fighters.
  • 64+ skin for 12 Assassins.
  • 71+ skin for 17 MMs.
  • 32+ skin for 09 Supports.
  • 59+ skin for 16 Tanks.
  • And many Mages as well.

Customized Skin: This section contains anything other than casual skins.

  • So, utilize 14+ custom skins for 10 different ML avatars.

Drone View: The provided drone ranges works on both ranked & classic modes. The ranges are:

  • X3, X4, X5, X6, and X7

Emotes, Analogs, Recalls: These three elements are present in separate groups in the following quantity.

  • 15+ Battle Emotes, 10+ Custom Analogs, 27+ Effect Recall.
  • You can also remove any injected item.

Respawn: You can utilize these options.

  • The Sword, Super Descent, M1, EVOS, Halloween, MCL, MSC, Sky Guardian, Thunder & Hero Vale.

Elimination; KO, EVOS, 515, Super Kill, Sword Kill, Calamity, The Sword, Roaming, Hero Vale & RIP.

Background; Likewise, modify the ML backgrounds for.

  • Loading Screen
  • Lobby
  • Profile

 Intro: Geek, Bigetron, RRQ, Onic Esports, Aura, Alter Ego & MLBB.

Password for Yuri Patcher Injector?

Do not forget the given code. Otherwise, you can’t open the app to get free hacks.


The complete list of all the freebies attainable using the Yuri Patcher is visible to you. Despite its magical functions, the UI is as easy as ABC. And ads, errors & bugs, etc., will not irritate you. In conclusion, it is a gem with no price. So, download the APK file right from this page and amaze your friends by showing them your talent. On the other hand, it is below the belt, and MLBB servers block these lawbreakers.

In short, the use of cheating tools makes you a competent gamer, but it has some risks too. Despite this, thousands of ML players are using these modifying tools. Therefore, you can also avail this opportunity. If you apply a cheating app moderately, you will not face any serious issues. Finally, get Yuri Patcher if you are convinced.