YouTube Pink
YouTube Pink

YouTube Pink APK Download (Latest Version) v14.21.54 for Android

May 8, 2021

Information of YouTube Pink

YouTube Pink
63.3 MB
Team Vanced
4.4 and up

Indeed, YouTube is the largest & most popular online video streaming platform around the world. And more than 2 billion users utilize this platform monthly. This video-sharing service is a boon for all of us. It not only allows us to watch videos posted by others but also upload videos of our own. Hence, everyone can equally get advantages from it. However, it has some restrictions that some users highlight. For this, someone has modified the official app to create its mod form, YouTube Pink for Android.

Besides its red theme, some other changes are also enjoyable inside the app, e.g., recommendation, background mode, repeat videos, and all features of the primary app. Overall, this mod edition has the same purpose but with enhanced qualities. If you are one of those who want to change the main theme of official YouTube, then get the YouTube Pink APK. Additionally, there are a few more options in this regard, like YouTube Red. Go, and check them to see what they are offering other than the original video service.

Statistics reveal people watch 1 billion hours of YouTube content each day from all corners of the world. Kids, elders, youngsters; everyone can find their relevant videos. Movies, science & tech, religious, kids entertainment, news, fun, and all other genres are available undoubtedly. That’s why third-party app developers try to modify this exclusive app to create more fun. As a result, mod versions, like YouTube Pink, have come into existence for Android. So, enjoy some extra bites apart from the official ones. Let discuss these distinctive qualities of this version.

Features of YouTube Pink:

Primarily, it includes all the features of the original YouTube version. And you will not feel it an unusual app. However, it brings a few more comforts, as explained in the following lines.

  • Pink Theme: Besides the official red them, you can now change it to pink. All the in-app areas will be available in new girly colors. So, experience a new UI of a loved app. However, you can reverse it to red color at any time.
  • Background Videos: Amazingly, you can run videos in the background while performing other tasks on your phone. For this, you can use a headphone as per your choice. Hence, it is no more a condition to keep opening YouTube to run a video.
  • Recommended Videos: This list contains the specific videos of your interest. Since it works based on your search history, therefore you see only relevant videos in this section.
  • No Restriction: Some YouTube videos show age or country restrictions. But, YouTube Pink app eliminates this hurdle.
  • Repeat Videos: If you want to play a specific video again & again, then set it on repeat mode.
  • Other Features: Moreover, you will enjoy double-tap, dark mode & ad-free features in it. Above all, it has no charges for its services.


If you want to install the YouTube Pink, then you don’t have to uninstall the official YouTube version from your phone. And you can keep both of them. Though, it’s a third-party app and not accessible on the Google Play Store. Yet, it is publicly usable for all. The most lovable feature of this mod is we can play videos in the foreground and background too. So, have fun with it.