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WiFiMap.io APK Download (Latest Version) v5.4.23 for Android

February 7, 2022

Information of WiFiMap.io

73.3 MB
WiFi Map LLC
5.0 and up

If you often travel from one place to another for various purposes, then you also need to connect with active internet connections. Indeed, it helps to locate different spots & buildings so that a traveler can eat & stay at suitable places. For this, you must have a single perfect app on your phone. So, install the WiFiMap.io APK and connect to any nearby WiFi for free. In fact, this tool is useable in more than 200 countries with 100 million free hotspots networks. And thus, users call it a universal app. It also provides VPN services along with free WiFi connections.

In short, it is the number one WiFi finder that helps users save money and time. Free internet connectivity tools are many more than your imagination. However, none of them is so comprehensive & general. Therefore, THEAPKMart proudly introduces you to this legendary tool along with its original APK file. Install it now and use free internet if you want to get rid of heavy internet bills.

For your information, WiFiMap.io is a legal Android tool used by millions of people around the globe. Its root function is to find the most suitable & stable internet around you and give you free connectivity. Interestingly, it filters out the best connections after analyzing their speeds. Similarly, if you want to help others, then share your hotspots with the surrounding community. It means the system is based on the idea sharing is caring. At the same time, the WiFiMap.io APK doesn’t force you to share your connections. You can enjoy free internet instead.

Features of the WiFiMap.io APK:

Internet surfing has become a basic need of every smartphone user. Actually, most of our daily needs are available online. That’s why one can order almost everything using online shopping methods. Do you need active & easy internet services without paying any fee? If yes, then get the WiFiMap.io right now. The platform has plenty of amazing features you can access & enjoy. Finding the best collection in one place is really difficult.

100M Hotspot Networks

WiFiMap.io has the largest hotspot database in the world. More or less, 100 million free WiFi hotspots are available. The number is still growing. Fast, secure & stable connections for every user.

Download Offline Maps

Similarly, the tool also lets you download a map showing all the possible internet connections. Then, you can connect your device with any of the most suitable hotspots. Thus, you have a full map.

VPN for Public Networks

Since you require login credentials to connect with a public WiFi network, therefore WiFiMap.io APK gives you a safe route. You can browse the internet safely & securely, making calls & texting messages.

Get Relevant Info

Whenever you scan a nearby WiFi network using the tool, you get a fast & safe connection. In reality, it can filter out the best options from the available list. That is the reason why users love it deeply.


Do you want to find internet connections all over the world? Then, install the latest version of the WiFiMap.io APK. It is a free tool for all. It provides the users with genuine WiFi passwords and local hotspots. As a result, you can use social media apps, traveling maps, calling & chatting via the internet, and much more services. If you get the premium version of this app, you will not see third-party ads. In conclusion, it is the best tool to connect yourself with the safe & secure free internet. Download it quickly and test its validity right now.