WiFiKill APK Download (Latest Version) v2.3.6 for Android

March 25, 2019

Information of WiFiKill

489 KB
4.0 and up

WiFiKill is available to free download from our website. Now you can get full access to Wi-Fi devices all the time. It is a very powerful application; from which you can disable the internet connection of all the Wi-Fi connected devices. So, normally you can judge all the browsing history about the connected devices. The best feature of this application fully controls on Wi-Fi devices data.

WiFiKill is working like as WIBR+ and that indicates the internet bandwidth of your smartphone has used. You can also get a detailed description of the running bandwidth. Sometime you may be imagining that while visiting different sites in a day and it will remain a complete record of all those websites. So you can easily manage bandwidth usage by following blog history on a daily basis. One more interesting thing is that you can also observe the history of other users who are using the same network. Now you can easily block other users, even without changing any password. Just simply follow the one tap process to kill all other connections. The following are the best features of WiFiKill.

Features of WiFiKill:

  • It is a simple, unique and user-friendly app.
  • The file contains a small size to enhance connectivity.
  • It supports all the Android devices at the same time.
  • Block all the users instantly with just one click.
  • Get familiar with your bandwidth history on a daily basis.
  • Secure your data connection all the time.
  • Safe your battery timing as compared to the old version.
  • It is free from any bugs and virus.
  • And much more.

Requirements of WiFiKill:

  1. Minimum 4.0 Android version is used.
  2. Check on “Unknown Sources” option from your mobile settings.
  3. Your device should be rooted for getting best results.

Note: If your Android device is currently not rooted, then use Baidu Root app to root your Android device in just one tap.

How to use WiFiKill?

  1. First of all, download WiFiKill APK file no root from our website and install normally.
  2. After successful installation, open this application and get control of all connected devices.
  3. Now you can get all information about IP and name of the connected device with the developer’s name. It is a very unique way to make sure 100% safety all the time.

For proper & better understanding about using this app, watch below video tutorial:


We hope so you will be getting better results all the time using WiFiKill, in case if you find any difficulties while using this application then you can contact with our team or comment down in this post and get relief within mean time. Also, stay with us for long term better user experience.