Watched APK Download (Latest Version) v1.7.3 for Android

October 26, 2021

Information of WATCHED

74.8 MB
5.0 and up

Watched is a multimedia browser that uses URLs of different sites. As a result, a user can access that specific website to watch movies, television shows, live television channels & much more. Hence, it needs a different protocol to serve the users. What if you can browse your desired video content from the top sources? Yes, your mobile phone will be a mini television screen just like a cable TV. But it is based on IPTV technology distributing video signals over the internet. Thus, it ensures smooth & best quality streaming without needing any subscription process.

On the other hand, if you wish for a streaming app full of video content, then try the Rokkr for your Android phone. This one also uses URLs of the targeted videos. Then, live TV, movies from different cinemas, popular television shows, and similar video services. No doubt, these apps don’t offer videos through their menus. That’s why many users feel dissatisfaction. Yet, they are beneficial for those who are looking for media browsing apps. If you are one of them, then find the right address or link to a video and insert it in the Watched app. You will enjoy free streaming.

Above all, it is a fact that people of this era demand more & more multimedia content as well as its sources. Video content has been on the top among all of these. Verily, a television with a cable connection is the primary source of sports, music, science, dramas, films, live events, etc. However, everyone wants to utilize their cell phones for watching videos. Therefore, free apps like Watched Apk help you a lot.

How to use the Watched app to stream video content?

Watched is a premium app. But you are not going to pay any money for it since we have a free edition. Get it from this page and try it. When you download the APK file, install it instantly. For your information, third-party apps are installable only after the activation of the Unknown Sources feature from your phone.

  1. Find the functional & active URLs of specific websites offering movies or live television.
  2. Copy that address and paste it into the app.
  3. Finally, you will watch the targeted video.
  4. The app can save all the URLs you enter into the app. Thus, they are enjoyable again & again.
  5. In this way, you can make a library of favorite media content.
  6. Either insert a complete list of IPTV links or try a single web address only.

Features & characteristics of the Watched Apk:

  • The app itself is manageable & simple.
  • Watch TV, movies/shows, etc., for free.
  • Inbuilt video players, like VLC, serve you actively.
  • All the data will be divided into several genres.
  • Use the History feature to find previous videos.
  • No password or login requirements.
  • Free to download & use.
  • Add as many URLs as you want.
  • Much more.

Final Words:

Despite its many qualities, Watched is not known to many. In reality, we prefer content-containing apps, whether they are premium or free. Yet, this platform is somewhat different. So, interested fans can get it now. But do not forget it is a third-party tool without any legal info. If you feel any slowness or abnormality in your device after using the app, then uninstall it. Still, it is not harmful because many are already enjoying it.