VirtualXposed APK

VirtualXposed APK Download (Latest Version) v0.19.0 for Android

July 19, 2020

Information of VirtualXposed

7.5 MB
5.0 and up

Have you ever thought that you will be able to do modifications in your smartphone without rooting it? I am sure your answer will be a big “NO”. Till now, no app was there in the Android market for doing changes in the operating systems and application of Android phones. In the past, the OS changing work was done with the help of big codes. That was a mess that people used to bear a lot. But now, with the help of VirtualXposed APK, the work has become a lot easier and user-friendly.

What is VirtualXposed?

VirtualXposed is one of the biggest achievements of developers.  With its help, we can bypass the SafetyNet Google setting and can do a lot of modifications in the phone’s operating system. It targets the weak virtual components of OS for doing its tasks and due to this, its name is VirtualXposed. You can install various third-party modules (not allowed before) and it also allows you to customize Android devices with your own taste. It means you are free to do any changes with the OS and applications. It is similar to Jasi Patcher and Game Guardian

How to use VirtualXposed?

Using the VirtualXposed app on your smartphone is very easy. With this framework application, you will be able to convert/modify modules with a particular facet. Also, you can create parallel or virtual spaces where you can run all new apps. You can remove ads, modify the OS, cloning, spoofing GPS, gain greater control, downloading direct videos from YouTube, and many more. Just download VirtualXposed APK from APKMart and start doing all the above-mentioned tasks. After installing, click on the icon and press the start button.

Features of VirtualXposed:

  • No root required to run this app on your smartphone.
  • Use the bootloader unlocker and do modifications in the system with ease.
  • Get rid of all annoying ads for free.
  • 100% free to download and install.
  • It has a user-friendly interface that is understandable for everyone.
  • Hundreds of bugs fixed as compare to Virtual Xposed APK old version.
  • Works on the basic mechanism of virtual spaces.
  • Run all desirable apps as plugins. It is very effective for big apps and many more.

All working modules of VirtualXposed:

Here are the working modules of VirtualXposed (working fine till July 20).

  • XProvacylua
  • WeChat Wizard
  • Emoji Modules
  • Finger Print Payment
  • Micro X Module
  • YouTube AdAway
  • MiniMinGuard
  • Application Variables
  • Valium Booster
  • Empathy Grab Bag
  • Simulation Locator
  • Step Modifier
  • MdWeChat
  • QQ Streamlines Module
  • WeChat Enhancement Plug-in
  • QQ Fighting Figure
  • Rushing Assistant and many more.