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Virtual Monster Pro

Virtual Monster Pro APK Download (Latest Version) v2.31.01.0331 for Android

December 4, 2020

Information of Virtual Monster Pro

Virtual Monster Pro
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Virtual Monster
4.4 and up

You know that Parallel Spacing apps are equally important for the gamers who make use of hacking tools for their favorite MOBA games. Such as PUBGM, Free Fire, and MLBB, etc. Because these games are well-equipped with functional security systems, and the authorities can easily detect an unsure activity or use of cheating tools by the gamers. As a result, their account & device get banned, provisionally, or forever. That is why you must have a well-built parallel space app, like Virtual Monster Pro.

We know that most gamers use hacking tools to unlock the features of games to finish the game with great distinction. However, sometimes their account is blocked due to the act of cheating, and they can’t play that definite game on their device. Here we present you with an effective solution. In the presence of the Virtual Monster Pro app, you can clone different mobile games and apps to utilize them again if you have got banned mistakenly. You can instantly unblock your gaming account without any hassle. So, get ready to know its plan of action.

Working Strategy

If you want to shield your account from the security system of a game/app. Then you need to hide the IMEI number or IP address of your smartphone. For this purpose, Virtual Monster Pro can create a dummy IMEI number to show to the gaming officials, and you will be playing a game in virtual. Thus, your account will remain safe & secure by cloning a game. You can clone all of your essential apps and games with this robust tool, and then, it is unchallenging for you to hack the cloned game. Let’s see all of its salient features.

Features of the Virtual Monster Pro:

  • It’s an injecting tool, therefore, safe to use.
  • You can unblock multiple gaming accounts, like FF, MLBB, Call of duty, PUBGM, etc.
  • It is functional both on rooted & non-rooted devices.
  • It functions as a VPN network, thus easy to apply.
  • You can create clones of your social apps, including WhatsApp, Instagram, FB, Messenger, and many others on your device.
  • It is a user-oriented app.
  • Its services are free.

How to utilize it?

  1. First, you must have an original of an app or game installed on your device that you want to clone.
  2. Then, install the Virtual Monster Pro APK by clicking the given link.
  3. Open the Virtual Monster Pro.
  4. Create duplicates of your desired apps/games by selecting them one by one.
  5. Start using without any fear of detection.


To be brief, no one can compromise when it comes to the security of their social or gaming accounts. For business purposes, you’d be willing to hide your identity from fraudsters. Also, you wish to use hacking tools for your games to achieve all the in-game items. For all of these purposes, you have to mask the IP address/IEMI number of your device, and it is achievable when you own a hefty virtual app, which is Virtual Monster Pro.

You can not only unblock gaming accounts but also you can protect yourself by using dummy accounts of your social sites. It is quite attractive for everyone to have such a valuable parallel spacing app like Mr Shooter. So, pick the latest version of this app from our site without spending any cash, and utilize it only for healthy objectives.