VIP Hype ML APK Download (Latest Version) v1.0 for Android

April 10, 2021

Information of VIP Hype ML

3.8 MB
5.0 and up

Do you want to face your expert fellows skillfully, who would be applying some mod tools in Mobile Legends? If yes, then you can use an updated rank-boosting app, VIP Hype ML. Indeed, it’s not a new tool in the market, as MLBB fans have used it for a longer time. Since it patches the game to control its rank deciding technique, damaging to enemies and 60FPS, etc., users love it heartily. So, you can also tackle your opponents cleverly in the fight.

It is also a fact that the majority of gamers utilize mod tools habitually. Therefore, it is almost impossible for you to play the game without any support. Instead, you necessarily have to install an app that will make you stronger enough, equal to the frontiers. In summary, get a modifying tool, like the VIP Hype ML or Game VIP ML. And then, jump in the battlefield confidently, having all preliminaries. If you haven’t experienced this tool yet, then download it free.

Salient Hacks in the VIP Hype ML:

All the features collectively boost your ranking automatically. Hence, its core role is to upgrade your rating whether you are playing with the pro ML players. The following description will make it easy for you to understand the nature of this app.

  • Rank Booster

If you activate this feature, you will not see yourself among the losers. In contrast, the VIP Hype ML app has such a system to boost your grading that you will get amazed after seeing its magical function. So, it’s beneficial when you can’t invest in Mobile Legends to see yourself in the top position.

  • Enemy Lag

This feature slows down the movement of your competitors by controlling their gameplay. The slower they react, the faster you kill them. Thus, keep them away from you by creating stumbling blocks in their ways.

  • Fast Farming

It means the killing of more & more minions to get gold in the MLBB. If you can farm quickly before your enemies, you will earn thousands of battle points and ML gold as well. So, enable this hack to be dominant over the others.

  • Auto Mythic

It is the second-highest rank in the Mobile Legends. Very few players reach here after playing the game for a long time successfully. VIP Hype ML Apk helps you attain this position in a limited time. If you win this status by luck, then you will earn BP as much as you can.

  • Damage Hack 100%

The more fatally you hit the enemies, the more damage they will get. Resultantly, they will take time to come back once again in the ground. So, vanish them just in a single fight.

  • Auto Winstreak

Similarly, it will work when you lose your health and seeing the death in front of you. Just activate it and reach the winning position at once.

  • 60FPS No Lag

FPS means Frame Per Seconds. Low-end devices don’t support this feature of MLBB, and so you can make it smoother from here. Now, you can refresh the gameplay nimbly not to face any lag problems.

  • ML Characters

Elite, Warrior, Grandmaster, Master, Legend, Epic, Mythic, Mythic V to I, Mythical Glory.


Hopefully, you have learned the basic purpose & intention of VIP Hype ML. The above explanation gives you brief info about each hack. If you actually want to understand this tool, then you have to install it first. Hence, click the download link and save the correct file conveniently.