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VG Injector

VG Injector APK Download (Latest Version) v1.0 Part 9 for Android

v1.0 Part 9
March 15, 2021

Information of VG Injector

VG Injector
v1.0 Part 9
8.8 MB
Visof Gaming
4.0 and up

Do you like to use the Mod apps and tools for various purposes? If you are an Android OS user, then you can satisfy yourself because your OS permits you. Therefore, a majority of people get apps from sources other than the Play Store. But our review is about a specific tool, VG Injector, use to modify the Mobile Legends Bang Bang. It offers you free skins, analogs, recalls, emotes, and some custom features. In this way, it is a source of getting the victory in a multiplayer battle game.

Moreover, you can compare it with Zolaxis Patcher, EZ Stars, ZPatcher, AG Injector, and WG Skin Injector. All these are masterpieces created by talented developers. Whether you are an expert or a newbie, these tools are equally beneficial for all. Indeed, they have changed the trend by which more & more gamers are becoming a part of the MLBB. It is because of helping tools that cover all the weaknesses of a player. Then, the chances of survival increase multiple times, and participants can enjoy something extra.

Anyways, the VG Injector app owns all those qualities essential to make it a superb app. In addition to the costumes for all heroes, battle effects and other features are handy at the moment. So, don’t lose hope if you are not doing much in the ML fights. It’s time to show your skills in another style by installing the app. Finally, let see its main features now.

Enjoyable Hacks in the VG Injector:

  • Analogs; nearly ten available.
  • Emoticon; with sounds & without sounds.
  • Effect Recall; stunning recalls, up to ten you can use.
  • Effect Eliminasi; Party, Calamity, Evos, etc., are present.
  • Drone View; functional on the Map Imperial Sanctuary with All Graphics.
  • All Skin; Assassin, Marksman, Mage, Fighter, Support, and Tanker.
  • Custom Skin; Chou Terry Bogard, Sun Lord.

We have arranged these hacks in the same pattern as written in the menu of the VG Injector. The users can open each category to see the more items located there. Besides all, the steps to inject a feature are purely simple & easy.

Features of the VG Injector:

  • It is an updated file.
  • Also, it is a straightforward & fruitful injector app.
  • Working without any password.
  • A realistic and practical tool.
  • Free to use for all ML players.
  • User-friendly & light-weight

How to install & use the VG Injector?

  1. Before anything, download the correct file present here. You can see it is small in size, so it will not take much time.
  2. When the download completes, find the APK file to install it. Honestly, it gets installed within seconds.
  3. After this process, the app icon will be visible on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. So, touch it to open the menu.
  4. Select the first option, i.e., MENU, after opening the app.
  5. It will simply take you to the list of cheats for ML. Hence, inject the desired hacks and then start playing the game.
  6. Ultimately, you have modified the game.


No doubt, the players learn all the game-winning tactics through repeating practices. However, the competition is very high since the active players of MLBB are in the millions. Thus, a mod tool can be the right key to play the game successfully. For this, you can try the VG Injector. We have disclosed all its qualities in this article. Now, the choice is yours, whether you want to use it or not.