United Mods Max
United Mods Max

United Mods Max

March 3, 2024

Information of United Mods Max

United Mods Max
144 MB
United Mods
Android 5.0+

Among the top battle royale games, Garena Free Fire shines prominently. This action game has been successful in winning various awards and the hearts of fans too. Resultantly, fans started to produce modified or cracked editions. And now, this trend is at its peak. Today, you are going to explore another FF mod with the name of United Mods Max. One will observe tons of cheats, like Aim, ESPs, Drone Cameras, Fake Username, Speed Hacks, Tele Hacks, Medkit, etc. Besides it, this new variant is similar to the United Mods and United Mods Lite in various ways.

Dear gamers! Download it now if you are fond of simpler editions of MOBA games. The APK file is original, but we haven’t created it. Avail it easily using the fastest link available in this article. In case of discontent, replace it with the given alternatives. If you don’t have any idea about such mod editions, then we can explain it here.

United Mods Max is one of the simplified games. App developers create these adaptations for novice gamers who face difficulties due to saturation on this platform. In reality, such modified games don’t put financial burdens on the players. Since they get inbuilt premium features, they save a lot of money. The only drawback of these mod games is, they don’t have an official link with the Free Fire developers. Hence, all the charm & charisma fade due to this dishonesty. We all are discussing this game for benefits only. Please do not get involved in any unlawful activity.

Features of the United Mods Max:

Who says that Free Fire is an ordinary action game? Most probably, they did not experience it deeply. Now, this alternative form of the original game will prove that FF is a plausible battle arena. So, enjoy the following cheats.

Aim Cheats

  • Aimbot Auto, Auto Headshot, Aim When See
  • Aim When Fire, Aim When Scope & Crouch
  • Headshot Rate, Aim FOV, Auto Aim FOV
  • Sensitivity, etc.


  • ESP Fire Line, Grenade, Distance
  • Fake User Name, Delete Cached
  • Reset Guest ID, Remove Scope
  • Medkit Running, Fast Medkit


  • Teleport Kill, Teleport Pro
  • Ghost Hack View, Teleport Car


  • Speed Running, Free Ammo Bugs
  • Free NPC Emote, Fly Hack Up
  • Fast Forward X8, Far Camera View
  • Aim + Movement, Night Sky Mode
  • Wall Hack Stone, Backup Controls

After downloading & installing the United Mods Max, you don’t need to enter any login/signup information. Moreover, open it without some passwords or codes. And activation of the above features is just a single touch away. Verily, one can be an ultimate player with minimum effort. Beating pro players is not a piece of cake. Instead, you have to learn exceptional skills by hook or by crook.


If you install the United Mods Max, most of your worries will vanish automatically. No need to be afraid of the frontiers. You are more powerful since you can locate the opponents facilely. By adjusting aim & sensitivity, kill them accurately. And run speedily using the speed hacks. In this way, more & more points will be added to your account. Finally, you will secure the winning position. It is the moment when a gamer gets satisfaction. Further levels will open to continue the game.