TXD (TubeX)

TXD (TubeX) APK Download (Latest Version) v1.8.1 for Android

October 27, 2018

Information of TXD (TubeX)

TXD (TubeX)
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4.0.3 and up

Do you want to download videos & audio from YouTube at exceeding speed? TXD (or TubeX) is one of my favorite applications to download videos from YouTube and convert them automatically to my favorite resolutions. So, the application got other dozens of astonishing features, but get it to download from the given download link first. We have already given you the download link of the same; do not try to get the app from Google Play Store.

Features of TXD (TubeX):

  • TXD is the application tool alternative to Tube God, you can say it is the IDM of mobile phones. On mobile phones, it is difficult to grab the videos live from YouTube. Still, by using this you get access to YouTube in the other way.
  • You can download any YouTube video from this app.
  • Clean and simple application.
  • The app offers you to download more than one video at one time.
  • You can resume the videos at the breakpoint.
  • One of the most powerful YouTube Video downloaders you ever have witnessed on the web.
  • You are not required to create an account to get the video downloaded.
  • In this app, you can download, play and share any video in the palm of your hand.
  • You can download videos in different file formats.
  • All the resources available on the application are free of cost, you are not going to pay for anything.
  • You can also download any YouTube video in MP3 file format.
  • All downloaded videos you can easily access offline and online from the downloads section.
  • And much more features of this.

How to use TXD (TubeX)?

  1. This application makes you download any video, audio from YouTube with just taps of the fingers.
  2. Like, you are not required to copy the URL of any YouTube video and to paste that to the desired area.
  3. Just search for the desired video and get it downloaded on your Android phone.
  4. The videos which are you going to download will be downloading your desired formats.
  5. And if you want to get that video converted into audio that also can be done. In fact, you have no need to worry about converting stuff, the audio formats can help you to get the direct audio files.
  6. But, I want to clear this once and for all; you are not going to search on official YouTube application. You cannot get the direct download link by visiting the YouTube official application.
  7. Here on the interface of TubeX application, you are searching the desired video.
  8. The API of YouTube is attached to this application which provides the direct access to YouTube interface and data.
  9. So, you are on the way of downloading your desired videos.
  10. The feature which makes this application stands out in the massive crowd is, you can resume the videos and get them started at the breakpoint.
  11. And you can get more than videos started without any hiccup.
  12. And you can manage all of the downloaded videos just in one folder if you have given the access of your video library to this TXD app.

I would not be lying if I say that “I have seen the super-fast downloading of the videos over the TubeX app. The application got a great interface; you are not going to get any trouble in downloading of the videos. The library made of this app offers you the top trending videos. So, download TXD (TubeX) tool APK file for free from the given download link and install it on your Android phone.