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Torque Pro APK Download (Latest Version) v1.2.22 for Android

July 28, 2023

Information of Torque Pro

Torque Pro
5.7 MB
Ian Hawkins
4.1 and up

Mobile apps have altered our lifestyle dramatically. Social media, lifestyle, games, news, utility apps, etc., are commonly found in almost every smartphone. Similarly, you can keep a check on your car/vehicle by knowing various details about it. For instance, fuel economy, mileage, graph data, RPM, engine condition, and other car parameters are getable. The app is Torque Pro APK (OBD2 & Car). And it is available for Rs. 510 on Google Play Store. However, TheAPKMart is giving you this pro version free, along with all the paid features.

Nowadays, most of you have personal cars or another vehicle for daily use. But sometimes you don’t know about its physical fitness. As a result, insufferable damage annoys you since it disturbs your daily chores. Thus, you must own a tool to get all updates regarding the current state of your car. Though you have a dashboard in your car, that is quite helpful in this regard. Still, you may not have information other than a few parameters. In that situation, this tool will impart you all the necessary data.

Besides all, OBD2 must be present in your car before using this software. Here, I’d like to notify you about OBD2. Well, it’s an abbreviation of Onboard Diagnostics-2, a diagnostic system existing in every modern vehicle. It keeps an eye on the engine & other sensitive parts of the car and informs you instantly through the dashboard if there is any fault. For this, the OBD adapter connects you with the vehicle’s system info. In short, you receive all data on your phone about the health & fitness of your car.

Features of Torque Pro APK:

Regardless of its technical functions, Torque Pro monitors all the parameters of your car. And you only need to have this app along with the required information. Then, it works automatically in real-time.

  • This tool requires permissions to Bluetooth, Location, Storage, Network, Phone Apps, etc., to work perfectly.
  • Get updates on your phone about the current conditions of your vehicle free.
  • Resolve all fault codes and issues on time.
  • Know accurate temperature & speed of the vehicle.
  • Dynometer, horsepower monitor, info regarding CO2 emissions, and an electronic compass are also available in this app.
  • Similarly, warnings come up with a voice.
  • Besides it, a track recorder can record your journey.
  • Moreover, you can build a custom profile & dashboard anytime.
  • Heads Up Display (HUD) for night use, multiple themes for your dashboard, GPS speedometer, and MAP & MAF sensors are also enjoyable.
  • Share all the obtained info on social media.
  • Trusted app published by Ian Hawkins, and more than one million people are using its premium version.
  • Compatible with all vehicles having OBD2.
  • Above all, Torque Pro APK is a free Android app with premium features.
  • It is as safe & secure as the original app.
  • And many more features available in this app.


This app is accessible in Torque Pro & Torque Lite versions. The first one is paid, while the second one is a free version of this tool. If you want to use the premium version without any cost but with the same features, Torque Pro APK is the best alternative. So, get the app available on this page. It monitors your vehicle secretly and informs immediately about all threats & damages.