Swapper for Root

Swapper for Root APK Download (Latest Version) v3.0.15 for Android

November 27, 2018

Information of Swapper for Root

Swapper for Root
3.4 MB
DevLab Technologies
4.0 and up

Do you get to do a lot of work on your phone? Do the memory of the phone crashes and you get the phone freezes for several minutes? Yes, when you get a low RAM phone, it may not be able to handle the lots of tasks simultaneously. Swapper for Root is the application which can make you get the best performance back.

Like, the application will make a temporary spot in your storage and will swap the unused tasks from the phone’s memory to phone’s storage. And this application not only switches but gets that task back to the memory if needed.

How to use Swapper for Root?

  • Normally to get swapping done you need to connect the phone to the computer. But, with this application, you are not. You are not going to connect the phone to the computer to get the swapping done.
  • The application develops in the way to switch the tasks from the main memory to the phone’s storage after the RAM gets overloaded.
  • Once you get this application downloaded and installed from the given download link. You will have to provide the path where you want to switch the tasks if the memory gets overloaded.
  • The process will not only increase the phone’s performance but you will not need to buy a new phone owing to the low performance of the previous phone.
  • The tasks which are unused from a particular span of time will be switched to the storage. And whenever you tap to get this to view, Swapper for Root will get that back to the RAM instantly. The process will not take any time, it would be like normally.
  • Plus, you will not need to root the Android phone, as the name of the application shows no need to get the phone rooted.

So, download Swapper for Root APK file latest no root version for free from the provided download button. And install it on your Android phone or tablet.