SpoofCard APK Download (Latest Version) v3.3.1 for Android

October 17, 2018

Information of SpoofCard

6.2 MB
Android 3.2 and up

SpoofCard is an application which lets you make spoof calls at any number by just dialing the number. The other person would never see your number, or hear your voice, will get the desired voice and caller ID what you, him to see. This application is awarded the best application to protect privacy. In fact, the naive of this application has been laid on one word “protect the privacy”. I think that is the only reason, why the application has more than four million users worldwide.

So, do you want to make a spoof call, or want to have some fun, want to record the call, get it from the given download link as well as install it on your Android device.

How to use SpoofCard?

SpoofCard app interface is clean and simple; there is nothing messy or crowded. You all know to just dial the number and select your country. Right now, Spoof Card providing more than ten countries options, they are planning to expand it to 50 very soon. So, if your country is not mentioned at the area, we feel sorry for that. But, for UK, France, US, Canada, India, and Cost Rice can enjoy the freedom to make some spoof calls.

To get this done, you need to follow me.

  1. First, you will have to download the application, as direct from the application you can make spoof calls and set other settings like voice record, calls to voicemail, change the voice, or add the background noise.
  2. Install the application on your phone, and tap on the sign-up option.
  3. Though introductory calls are free additionally, to get this done, initially, you need to provide the online payment information.
  4. Later on, you need to sign up for the package; you will get the spoof calls minutes to the locations.
  5. You just dial the number, select the country and make a spoof call.
  6. Additionally, you can make other features enable to make the call interesting like voice change to female/male voice.
  7. You will get a fake caller ID, and to whom you are calling will see that phone number, instead of your original number.
  8. If you are thinking about how would you import your contacts at the application, no worries, the application itself will get your contact list, of course after consulting you.
  9. And you will see the contact number there and will be making spoof calls by using Spoof Card app.

Features of SpoofCard:

  • The application stands heads and shoulder above when it comes to making spoof calls to other apps.
  • One of the leading apps, more than 4 million users right now making spoof calls using this number.
  • The other person will not get your phone number, nor did the voice, if you get it to change using spoof voice changer option.
  • And if the person is not on the call, you can direct send that to the voice mail.
  • You can record the voice call to send it to cloud or share on social networking sites to have some fun with your friends.
  • You will get free introductory balance when you sign up for the SpoofCard.
  • If you are calling to your boss, and using your fake caller ID, or want to show, that you are somewhere else, not at your home, add the background noise option.

Free download SpoofCard APK for Android from the given download link and install it on your Android phone.

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