Skin Tools Pro Max
Skin Tools Pro Max

Skin Tools Pro Max APK Download (Latest Version) v1.0.1 for Android

January 2, 2022

Information of Skin Tools Pro Max

Skin Tools Pro Max
34.2 MB
Radhika Yusuf Alifiansyah
5.0 and up

Free Fire fans are happy after meeting with the Garena Free Fire Max version. Now, they are experiencing a high-quality game. However, it is an exclusive premium game. Most gamers can only dream of the in-game material due to a lack of assets. In this case, you can customize the FF gameplay to make it visually beautiful for yourself. If you are playing the Free Fire Max, then get the Skin Tools Pro Max. And download free skins for heroes & weapons. Resultantly, you will enjoy better gaming owing to this app. Moreover, it is similar to the Skin Tools Pro that you use for GFF.

Above all, it is 100% safe to use because it doesn’t make changes in the Free Fire settings to hack the resources. Instead, all the free resources are visible to the users only. If you want to show your pro stuff to others in the game, then you have to buy it officially. Currently, we have very few tools for Free Fire Max. That’s why Skin Tools Pro Max is a blessing for hardcore fans.

First of all, you can download legendary skins for heroes. Actually, these free costumes are in the form of different packs or bundles. The usage process is effortless. Tap on the download icon only to get a bundle. Similarly, many skins for FF weapons are also getable most simply. In short, you are able enough to modify the FF Max to some extent. Since it is a free source in this regard, therefore bears some limitations. Anyway, a variety of freebies is appreciable. Click the link and install the app at no cost. Also, we will provide the updated version of the owner makes any changes in it.

Features of the Skin Tools Pro Max:

Honestly, there are no complications in its use. Just choose your required skin and use it in the game directly. It is free of payment procedures or investment of FF in-game currencies. All its collections are free of cost.

  • Character Skin – Download new & old color schemes for your loved avatars. You don’t have to effort for skins one by one. Instead, all are present in one bundle.
  • Weapons Skin – The second group is for the Free Fire weapons only. It is also a package with a specific number of visual skins. So, get it through a single click only.
  • 100% Safe – The developer calls it a safe & secure tool since it changes things for the users. Others can’t see these injected skins since it is not official.
  • Download & Inject – Each user has to download the bundles of skins. And then, they will be useable after completing the injection process.
  • Other Benefits – Besides it, Skin Tools Pro Max is a mobile-friendly app. Ad-free experience makes it lovable. There is no password to open its menu.


To satisfy yourself, Skin Tools Pro Max can be a good source. Though, it doesn’t provide official costumes for heroes and weapons. Yet, you & other users of this tool can enjoy the freebies. If you are glad after getting these liberties, then enjoy the state of happiness. Otherwise, invest some money to own the actual costumes that will be visible to everyone competing with you.