Scynix Dias Generator
Scynix Dias Generator

Scynix Dias Generator APK Download (Latest Version) v1.0 for Android

July 7, 2021

Information of Scynix Dias Generator

Scynix Dias Generator
1.1 MB
Fighter Gaming PH
5.0 and up

You have uncovered so many valuable tools to acquire premium items free of cost in the Mobile Legends. All those mod tools focus on the in-game fighting elements. However, Scynix Dias Generator is an updated & somewhat different app for MLBB. It concentrates on the ML currency, i.e., diamonds, points, etc., instead of other stuff. Since everything in the game is achievable through this money. Therefore, it can resolve all your issues. So, download this Android app if you want to fill your ML account with unlimited valuables.

As a result, you will be free to purchase MLBB skins, heroes, maps, effects, backgrounds, themes, etc., using these assets. Though, Diamond Generator ML is already serving the gamers. Yet, Scynix Dias Generator has its distinct value. The usage method is easy for both apps. And the fans can earn free & unlimited gaming currency instantly. Do you want to remove all the hurdles in your way to victory? Merely apply this formula and enjoy easy comforts. However, gaming rules never allow you to embrace such illegal activities.

Get MLBB Diamonds & BPs Free

Remember that you are not going to pay a single penny for the services of Scynix Dias Generator. Instead, its core purpose is to reduce your expenses on gaming objects. For this, you need to follow a few simple steps. Then you will see your gaming account with loads of ML currency. So, these are the requirements you will fulfill sequentially.

  1. First, enter your ML player ID.
  2. Second, enter your ML server ID.
  3. Third, write the number of ML diamonds.
  4. Fourth, write the number of ML battle points.
  5. Fifth, click the “INJECT” button to start the process.

You will see a popup notification in a few seconds confirming the injection process. After this, you can testify to it by opening the Mobile Legends game. There you will see the required changes in your account. So, utilize your money to buy anything in the game you need. Besides it, if you don’t know your player & server IDs. Then visit your MLBB profile only. Anyhow, Scynix Dias Generator has done its work. And now it depends on your interest & passion for winning the ML matches.

Scynix Dias Generator ML Password?

Above all, you have to put in the correct password whenever you open the app. So, here is the accurate pin code.

Features of Scynix Dias Generator Apk:

  • Get as many ML diamonds & BPs as you need.
  • The tool provides these valuables free of cost.
  • The results are 100% true.
  • Use this currency to unlock any in-game stuff for your victory.
  • Anti-ban, simple, ad-free app.
  • No registration or subscription, and no root permissions.
  • Updated app compatible with the game.
  • Uncomplicated & facile process to earn ML riches.


The most common reason for using such tools is the high prices of the different materials in the Mobile Legends. On the other hand, most gamers don’t want to buy this paid stuff due to somehow. Resultantly, they decide to apply hacking tools, like the Scynix Dias Generator, to generate gaming currencies. Indeed, they achieve their goal successfully. But the game discourages this behavior. MLBB officials lose the income they get by selling skins, characters, BGs, and other things. If you don’t consider this point and still want to apply the app, get it from the above link right now.