Sacred Grate
Sacred Grate

Sacred Grate APK Download (Latest Version) v3.1 for Android

January 27, 2021

Information of Sacred Grate

Sacred Grate
11.8 MB
WarriorRakker & Zonic
5.0 and up

How surprising & astonishing apps/tools are there for Android users, as the Sacred Grate. Luckily, it is a 2-in-1 application, both for MLBB & Among Us too. If you are zestful to know about it, have a quick review in the shortest time. This tool is determined to provide you ML skins, all the backgrounds, loads of maps, and very fruitful items related to the Mobile Legends game. So, it looks a little more talented than the habitual tools.

For information, WarriorRakker is the owner & creator of this nifty app, while Zonic is the designer & modder. And they give credits for this iconic creation to their friends, mainly the developer of MarJoTech PH. Therefore, you will feel a minute similarity in both of these two. Indeed, they have added some new features along with the previous ones. Thus, click on the link to utilize this updated app free from all sides.

Without any delay, let enlist all the fundamental functions of this tool.

Functions of Sacred Grate:

A lengthy list of all the precious items is readable for you quickly.

All Skin

First of all, the Sacred Grate app promises a smooth availability of the outfits for all the characters. You certainly get skins for Assassin, Fighter, Mage, Marksman, Support, and Tank in a reasonable amount. In short, premium costumes are handy even in the absence of ML diamonds.


  • Splash Intro
  • Loading Screen
  • Background Lobby
  • Background Profile
  • Custom Analog

Each of the categories brings pleasing & attentive stuff of high quality. Specifically, 3+ dozen analog effects will glorify the game visually. While the other images modify the backgrounds of various places in the MLBB, and thus you enjoy it eagerly.


  • Imperial Sanctuary
  • Celestial Palace
  • Western Palace
  • Magic Chess
  • Drone View

Yes, besides the outclass ML maps, a drone view is also there. It ranges from 2X to 10X in five different kinds. Also, it works smoothly on medium graphics. A good thing for low-end device users.


  • Recall
  • Spawn
  • Emote
  • Notification
  • Elimination

You see, all the battle effects are included in this section. After opening each portion, the user gets amazed due to the pricey items for nothing.

Among Us

  • Unlock all skin
  • Hat
  • Pet
  • Always Impostor

Lastly, the fans of Among Us can also take benefits by using this app. Not only the dresses of heroes but also a unique character is choosable instantly.

What’s New in Sacred Grate 3.1?

  • Multiple skins of Special, Starlight, Mod, and other categories
  • Recall Seal of Anvil is also new.
  • Bugs fixed.
  • No lag for you.
  • Smoother than the last version.

More Features of Sacred Grate:

  • Auto to supreme.
  • Auto mythic.
  • Free Android app.
  • Fancy & well-optimized too.
  • Use it effectively without root requirements.
  • It is an anti-ban & user-friendly tool.
  • No password needed.
  • New stuff coming soon.

The Auto Supreme feature immediately takes you to the top position. As a result, the chances of your victory are higher than ever. Hence, it is proved the Sacred Grate tool is multi-functional despite its new arrival.

Last Words:

Doubtlessly, every online gamer has the desire for a hefty app to control the game forcefully. But it’s not easy-peasy. Thankfully, you have gotten Sacred Grate Injector for Mobile Legends in this review article. So, we highly recommend you this special & gala gift without much effort. In summary, get it in a while to boost the gaming power.