Router Brute Force

Router Brute Force APK Download (Latest Version) v2.7.1 for Android

October 16, 2018

Information of Router Brute Force

Router Brute Force
772 KB
Android 4.0+

Do you want to get the password of your nearby router, if yes; the mentioned application (Router Brute Force) could do the job for you? But, you need to carefully understand how Router Brute Force app works, and how you can further take this to nail the issue.

Originally, Router Brute Force is a penetrating tool or password cracker. Which works on the basis of dictionary attack to crack the password. By using the application, you can crack the router, and get the password easily. But, this easy said than done, you need to learn some very basics of hacking and cracking of the password.

By using the application, you are not going to devastate the router on which you are attacking. But you are going to reveal the password of it. Like, you are getting to have the password of the network to use the free internet.

How to use Router Brute Force?

The application comes adorned with the many useful resources, and you can have them to nail down any router around you.

Genuinely, the application has saved many passwords, and when we get the application in use. The application checks those saved passwords on the desired network or router. If the password matches, this shows on a notepad, and if not, then you can go with another attack.

  1. Download Router Brute Force app from the given download link and install it on your Android phone.
  2. It might ask you that the application got some malicious codes. You need to skip that and continue the job.
  3. You need to set the default IP address of a router, with an admin name; even you can go with the default name.
  4. And in the next step, you need to select either file or specific. In the former option, you will use the file in the phone’s memory to crack the router password and in the latter option, you can go with your own file.
  5. But, the file should not be more than of 5 MB, as the application may not take the file higher than 5 MB.
  6. And tap on the check button, the app will show a message with the IP address or the router is vulnerable or not.

Hope that the application does work for you, and give you the password of the network what you are trying to get down. Download Router Brute Force APK file for Android for free from the given download button. And install it on your phone or tablet. Moreover, stay tuned for more Android apps and games.