Rank Booster Auto Mythic
Rank Booster Auto Mythic APK

Rank Booster Auto Mythic APK Download (Latest Version) v1.1 for Android

April 4, 2021

Information of Rank Booster Auto Mythic

Rank Booster Auto Mythic
1.9 MB
DeadLy Gaming
5.0 and up

Rank improvement is a wish of every ML gamer, and many ways are in use for this purpose. Some put money in the game and get points from the officials. By contrast, others try to patch the game with modifying tools such as the Rank Booster Auto Mythic. Such type of apps is not only improving the rank of users but also intensifying their enjoyment. This time, you can get a higher rank without working like a Trojan. So, damage enemies, auto-win, fast jungle, enemy lag, and so on.

After realizing the importance of these rank-enhancing tools, many developers are seriously focusing on this point. Recently, the updated version of the Mobile Legends Rank Booster has also satisfied the Mobile Legends Bang Bang players. If you aren’t still familiar with it, then access it now. The main benefit is for the poor fellows who don’t possess a good gaming profile. It indicates their deficiency of in-game items that they couldn’t buy for any reason. However, it doesn’t mean they don’t have the right to play the MLBB.

Especially, Rank Booster Auto Mythic is super-fast and has readymade cheats inside it. Indeed, all the features are favorite of yours. Let see the list of hacks in this tool.

Available Cheats in Rank Booster Auto Mythic:

  • Rank Booster
  • Damage Up 90%
  • Team Pro
  • Auto Win
  • Enemy Lag
  • Fast Jungle
  • Ant-Ban

The tool is solely to boost your ranking in the Mobile Legends, as we just cleared at the start. No doubt, the short & sweet menu explains all the factors you get after installing the app. For instance, the first cheat upgrades your position while fighting the battle. Surely you will not see yourself among the losers. Similarly, when you fire your opponents, they will get immense damage, up to 90%. Hence, it makes your work easier and perfect. Earn BP many times than ever.

Then, the Rank Booster Auto Mythic app helps you in making your team fellows pro & expert. This feature will work while playing with your team. Next, auto-win & enemy lag both will reward you by giving an upper hand over the frontiers. Finally, all the enjoyment is attainable if you collectively apply them.

Features of Rank Booster Auto Mythic app:

  • A lightweight tool with great qualities
  • No irritation due to ads
  • Also, functional on unrooted devices
  • Short & sweet menu with simple user-interface
  • It has no password currently
  • No bugs, no delay
  • Much more

How to install & use it?

  1. If you want to get the correct file, get it from our provided link on this page.
  2. Then, conveniently install it to use for the MLBB.
  3. Next, switch the toggles for different cheats to activate them instantly. It is doable when you open it.
  4. Hence, it is the simplest way to inject features into the game.
  5. Additionally, you can play the ML through this tool even without installing it on your device.


Many tools are available for this purpose, but the problem is they all are not right. If you can get a to-the-point app fulfilling your required needs, then you are lucky. We have checked the Rank Booster Auto Mythic APK file after applying it for Mobile Legends. So, you can trust it. If you have any doubt about it, then follow the safety measures.