Mobazone Injector
Mobazone Injector

Mobazone Injector APK Download (Latest Version) v2.3 for Android

August 2, 2021

Information of Mobazone Injector

Mobazone Injector
16.3 MB
Jemi Zone
5.0 and up

Welcome to the place of countless free tools for Android games. But this article is purely for the Mobile Legends Bang Bang or MLBB lovers. If you are an admirer of this shooting game, then explore the Mobazone Injector. It is actually a third-party product containing dozens of premium elements on the house. Indeed, you can make changes to the appearance of heroes, battle effects, drones, backgrounds, and other parts of the game. Above all, it also provides a rank booster as a bonus. All those players who want to win the game unfairly but secretly should analyze this app.

Its APK file is free to download and use even for Android 11 users. Since it is our rule that we never make changes in the original files. Therefore, you will get the actual file that the developer has made. So, don’t worry about its malfunctions as we have already checked it. If somehow you don’t find it suitable for you, then a good alternative is Gone Patcher. So, try any of the two as per your taste.

Mobazone Injector lets you change the outfits of ML heroes most easily. You get two other groups of free skins in addition to the ordinary ones. Hence, you will have plenty of options in this regard. Then, drone camera ranges are astonishingly more than any other tool. You can enhance the battlefield views up to 10x doubtlessly. Next, all the ML battle effects are also achievable in a simple fashion. In the end, you will receive the rank-boosting features. It means you don’t need to install a separate tool for this purpose from now on, as the Mobazone is a 2-in-1 app.

Features of the Mobazone Injector:

Its high-rated functions & freebies will astonish you all ML fans. An injector app having admirable functions with a simple UI is hard to find. Anyway, first we will count the available freebies in the Mobazone Injector and then its best qualities.

Unlock ML Skins

  • 21 Heroes of Fighter
  • 17 Heroes of Marksman
  • 17 Heroes of Tank
  • 21 Heroes of Mage
  • 09 Heroes of Support
  • 12 Heroes of Assassin
  • Skin to Skin feature for 05 Heroes
  • Customized Skins for 08 Heroes

Drone Views

You know, there are few choices regarding the drone camera in the free version of the MLBB. Hence, the Mobazone Injector has opened all the ranges of drone views. And you can examine the battlefields deeply.

  • Drone Views from 1×2 to 9×10
  • Working on all maps.
  • Original Drone View

Battle Effects

  • Recalls
  • Respawn
  • Elimination
  • Emotes
  • Analogs
  • Intro
  • Backgrounds Loading Screen
  • Backgrounds for Lobby & Profile

More Cheats

  • Supreme Badge ON/OFF
  • Auto Mythic Glory ON/OFF
  • Ultra Graphics Map ON/OFF

Password for Mobazone Injector?

Similarly, this tool has password protection. Therefore, you can’t access its freebies if you don’t know the correct code. Whenever you open the app, put the following code.


So, download the Mobazone Injector APK file here and now. It is an anti-ban tool with several excellent qualities. Its simple user interface facilitates the users. You will not see annoying ads on it. However, it needs some improvements that we hope the developer will introduce very soon. Anyhow, if you are a fan of such plugins that give you edges without breaking the bank, then don’t miss it. But you also keep in mind that they are not legal in any form.