ML Injector
ML Injector

ML Injector APK Download (Latest Version) v1.14 for Android

May 5, 2021

Information of ML Injector

ML Injector
5.7 MB
Lansord Nix
5.0 and up

Gamers apply various methods or tricks to manipulate the usual gameplay of a particular online multiplayer game. It gives them an advantage over other players, and they ultimately win the game. Hence, it could sometimes be good because it keeps you active & involved in a specific game. Similarly, MOBA lovers seem satisfied & thrilled after discovering fantastic mod tools for Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Doubtlessly, there are numerous ways to control this game. However, we will focus on ML Injector in this article since it’s a strange and exclusive tool to modify this game.

Strange means its abilities & functions are more than any other tool of this kind. For instance, it has an extensive collection of skins for ML characters. Likewise, battle effects, e.g., recall, spawn, etc., are much more than other such injectors. Moreover, it lets you customize the backgrounds in the game. Likewise, drone views of different ranges are applicable owing to it. Indeed, it is the one & only injector app for MLBB to the day. Your intensity & absorbance in this 5v5 battle arena will be at their peak using the ML Injector app.

List of Free Items in ML Injector:

The following summary will let you know about all the ML hacks you can enjoy in this app. The menu divides all the available items into four groups. This classification is only to facilitate the users. So, absorb the given information.

Skins: Unlock 424+ ML skins, including the:

  • MLBB Skins
  • Skin to Skin
  • Painted Skin

Effects: Unlock 61+ battle effects, including the:

  • Recalls
  • Respawn
  • Elimination

Drone View: Unlock game view of the following ranges.

  • X2
  • X3
  • X4
  • X5
  • Tablet View

Other Menu: It includes the following elements in two groups.

  • Emotes
  • Analogs
  • Maps
  • Loading Screen
  • Backgrounds for Game Lobby
  • Music
  • Intro & Profile Backgrounds
  • Supreme Badge
  • Ultra Graphics
  • Enemy Lag
  • Auto Mythic

First of all, ML skins are attainable for Assassin, Mage, Tank, MM, Fighter, and Support. This collection contains all sorts of costumes, like Epic, Legend, Special, Light, Star, Elite, and others. Next, you can activate multiple effects at no cost while using the ML Injector Apk only. Similarly, the drone camera works 100% in classic brawl rank mode. And it is applicable on Tablet View as well. Then, the last category has your favorite cheats divided into two sections. Hence, you can pick any of your tastes.

Features of ML Injector Apk:

I have already stated that it is an unusual injector app for the modification of Mobile Legends. That is why it is superior to all of your mod apps. The given outline is also a part of its attributes.

  • Complete free tool for MLBB.
  • It works in dark mode.
  • Regular updates.
  • Loads of stuff to customize the ML.
  • Anti-ban tool.
  • Ads-free experience.
  • Simple UI with classified content.
  • Unique & modern app.
  • It makes the gameplay easier.
  • Easy to download, install & use.
  • Unlimited comforts for newbies.


You have read all the basic information about the ML Injector. Do you have a mod app of this standard? Most probably, no. Thus, we can call it a guru of all injector apps for MLBB nowadays. If you want to inject all these freebies into your game, then let it download on your phone here & now. Also, you don’t have to install the game separately since it is playable inside the ML Injector.