Macro Space
Macro Space

Macro Space APK Download (Latest Version) v5 for Android

November 5, 2021

Information of Macro Space

Macro Space
8.7 MB
5.0 and up

How many tools have you used to control the Garena Free Fire gameplay? No doubt, there are many. Yet, Macro Space is a bit prominent name. This little app has served gamers for a long time. But APKMart has discovered its refined version this time. So, get the latest injector and insert cheats most simply. For example, sensory controls, game optimization, FPS, aim-bot, aim-lock, etc., are enjoyable features. Injecting scripts is easy with this new tool since you don’t follow complicated procedures. You will not need to buy premium stuff for the game.

Hence, Macro Space is, particularly for Free Fire players. They can use this secure channel with complete surety. You would be familiar with several other cheat apps. Still, it is superior to many. On the other hand, the use of cheating apps is not allowed by the officials. Gamers have to adopt some clean & advanced shortcuts for a safe journey. Therefore, this legendary app has ensured an anti-ban feature. FF servers will not be able to detect its tactics. So, try it once. We hope it will meet its promised features. Without any ado, let move towards its menu section.

What Services Macro Space Offers?

Well, you will know the importance of this tool once you open its menu. The app offers multiple options to customize itself and the game as well. Indeed, the purpose of similar tools is always to enhance the skills of gamers. And Macro Space Free Fire does it beautifully. Since the menu uses the Spanish language, therefore we will try to make it easy for you.

  • HDR Graphics FF – Basic, Standard, Ultra, 4K Full HD
  • Resolution – 1080×760, 1900×1050, 1520×1020, 2220×1320, 2860×1530
  • DPI – 320, 480, 720, 910
  • FPS – 30 fps, 60 fps, 90 fps, 120 fps
  • Sensi – Sensi X (vertical), Sensi Y (horizontal)
  • Macro – Aim Lock, Aimbot, Auto Mira (sight), Auto Tiro (threw), 360 Rapido (quick), Injectar
  • Optimization – Optimize RAM, CPU, Battery, Ping, Clear Cache, etc

Are you surprised now? If you have any doubts, then explore the Macro Space Apk right now to test these features. Many have enjoyed the pro hacking features at no cost. Now, it’s your turn.

Features of the Macro Space app:

Remember, our readers will get the most recent edition of this tool. Since many websites are offering older versions, therefore do not download them. Otherwise, you may miss some of its latest features.

  • Updated Scripts
  • Advanced Cheats
  • Full Control over FF
  • Inbuilt Functions
  • Easy to Use
  • Smart AI
  • Free to Download
  • Easy Optimization
  • No Password
  • No Root
  • Much More

How to install & use the Macro Space APK?

You can prepare the app for better use in a few minutes. For this, click the download button on this page. An active & the newest APK will be in your Android phone. So, find it. And install it without any delay. Finally, you can open it instantly. There are no specific credentials indeed. After this, go through the menu and start choosing the specs according to your device. Once you pick the required features, you are ready to play the game. That’s it.

Final Words:

We have discussed the Macro Space app thoroughly. Before using it, I will mention again that it is a third-party app. Despite its anti-ban quality, users may face some issues. We are not forcing you for illegal activity. But it is your choice. If you like such kinds of freebies, then download many more from this website. Happily, everything is standard & free of cost. Nothing more.