Lorazalora Mod Free Fire
Lorazalora Mod Free Fire

Lorazalora Mod Free Fire APK Download (Latest Version) v14 for Android

January 19, 2024

Information of Lorazalora Mod Free Fire

Lorazalora Mod Free Fire
130 MB
Lora zalora
5.0 and up

Another Mod Menu for Garena Free Fire has stimulated the fans. Now, they have lost their sleep since the number of hacks is unlimited. Are you eagerly looking for an easy-to-play version of this game? Then, Lorazalora Mod Free Fire will win your heart doubtlessly. An antenna on each player, aim & esp hacks, lots of free skills for your avatar, and many other unlocked features will make you superior to others. Can’t you play the original version of the FF game successfully?

Then, you only need to tap this direct download link. It will give you a free modified version of your lovely MOBA. Since other MODs, like Hacker Baba Mod Free Fire, have already set the trend. So, it’s not an illegal act anymore for gamers. They merely want to enjoy the game deeply, whether by hacking it or using its cracked, modified, or patched copies. Moreover, we are not the developers of this app. Instead, we are telling you about this trending version with all honesty.

If you don’t want to get ban, then apply a virtual space app. Though, Lorazalora Mod Free Fire app doesn’t require root permissions. Yet, you should be careful, as we suggested. Anyhow, let move towards its free features you are going to enjoy.

Features of Lorazalora Mod Free Fire:

  • Antenna View on each player will highlight your opponents easily.
  • Aim Hacks; Auto-Aim, Aimbot, Aim Invisible, Aimbot Crouching, Aim Location, Aim Scope, Aim FOV 360, Aim Squat Down, Aim Smooth, Aim for Shot, Aim For Look, etc.
  • ESP Hacks; Box, Line, Name, Distance, Size, Height, Color, Text Size Name, FPS, Chams, Wallhack, Remove The Plant, etc.
  • Teleportation; player, player cars, telekill.
  • Speed hack is working from 0x to 10x.
  • The player’s skills are much improved, e.g., ghost hack, no parachute, ignore fells, speed, and so on.
  • No limitation of bullets in your guns.
  • Similarly, Med Kit Run is also available.
  • Finally, you can play the game using HD & dark modes, depending on your phone specs.
  • It’s a free of charge and user-friendly version maintaining all the standards of the original game.

A smart FF player can understand the meaning and value of these features. Most of the FF items are usable only through diamonds or golds. Therefore, it’s the main fault of this game. Instead of spending money, you can use this edition to win the game conveniently. But remember, if your partners are also using the same mod version, they will also avail of these comforts. You will have the upper hand over those players only who will be using the official Free Fire version.

The download & installation of Lorazalora Mod Apk Free Fire is simple & straightforward. So, get the error-free file from here and create a fear in your competitors. But if you use it too much, you will get detected by others. Hence, results may be harsh. So, use it wisely & smartly.


Different MODs have created their place in the market due to their most wanted features. Similarly, Lorazalora Mod Free Fire is new & updated as compared to others. If you couldn’t enjoy any other modified menu of Garena Free Fire, examine it one time. Each & every aspect is open to you. Now, decide according to your interest & reliability.