Link2SD Plus

Link2SD Plus APK Download (Latest Version) v4.3.4 for Android

September 17, 2019

Information of Link2SD Plus

Link2SD Plus
3.8 MB
Bulent Akpinar
2.3 and up

A smartphone is becoming one of the essential things for everyone in today’s era. There are multiple types of the phone, depending upon the needs and requirements of the users. Businesspeople require excellent quality and latest model smartphones to fulfill their obligations. Apart from this, the children can use a mid-quality phone because they wanted to play only games on it. That’s why companies introduce their smartphones in the market according to the age and price factor. The mid and low-quality phone might be low in phone storage memory. Therefore, children need to deal with storage issues. They convert different files from phone memory to SD card. But it becomes challenging for them to check each folder on their own. If you are also facing this issue, then you need to download the Link2SD Plus APK file on your smartphone.

Link2SD Plus is one of the best Android applications that will let users move their phone storage files to SD card quickly and straightforwardly. You can say it is your companion that will save you time. As there are multiple types of files on your phone, so, it becomes complicated for anyone to remember the file extension. On the other hand, the data will be randomly available in your phone. But if you will download this app, then it will keep different files in different folders, allowing you to access them easily.

You can also move your native phone files to the SD card without uninstalling them. It works great on all Android devices that are greater than the 2.0 Android version. Apart from moving the data, the other major issue with the Android devices is cache cleaning. As the caches take a lot of space on your phone storage, therefore, it will become quite difficult for you to use the phone storage. The Link2SD Plus (New) will be a perfect choice for you in this situation. There are multiple other features of this application.

Link2SD Plus Features:

There are hundreds of great features of the Link2SD Plus. If you want to know them, then they are mentioned under.

  • It will convert your desired system apps in the user applications (on SD card).
  • You can link dex, apk, lib files to the SD card.
  • It will serve as an auto cache cleaner on your phone.
  • You can quickly move massive storage files of games to your external card.
  • It will give an automatic option of “move file to SD card” on installing.
  • You can easily set the location of your applications from the setting.
  • This is an excellent application for bloatware removal.
  • It will integrate necessary, updated system application into ROM system.
  • There is an option of 1-tap cache cleaner for removing unnecessary memory.
  • It can also convert user applications into system applications.
  • The arrival of notifications if cache size exceeds in any app.
  • A perfect application for rebooting widget with a single click and much more.

So, if you are looking to increase the storage space of your phone, then download Link2SD Plus (New) APK file for free from now. Apart from this, you can also get multiple other applications that will be beneficial for your phone in all ways.