King Booster VIP
King Booster VIP

King Booster VIP APK Download (Latest Version) v1.2 for Android

February 15, 2021

Information of King Booster VIP

King Booster VIP
5.6 MB
King Booster
5.0 and up

The fun of game modification has achieved new fashions. It is a necessary part of online games that the players try to attain some external support from the beginning. No doubt, different games have distinct techniques & tricks to assist the players. Still, it is not sufficient. Therefore, intelligent fans design such tools that patch their favorite game, like Mobile Legends. To define & explain one of the good apps, we have selected the King Booster VIP to review comprehensively.

This tool doesn’t have much difference from the same genre of apps like Mobile Legends Rank Booster. Conversely, it offers the ML players rank booster, auto-win, auto lag, damage to the enemy, etc. Besides, it is new on the web and meets the requirement of the updated edition of MLBB. If you are not getting the expected results from your applied tool, then check it once. It is free and works in your favor. Hence, download & install it.

The opening feature of the King Booster VIP MLBB app gives a facelift to the users to reach the top. After this, a little effort they need to make since the app is doing well. Additionally, the auto-win hack increases the effect manifolds. As a result, the player finds himself among the top fighters, so it is a great thing. Then, you can stop the competitors from progress using the auto lag & damage cheats.

Both of the last tricks create hurdles in the way of expert players. Alternatively, you utilize that moment wisely and get the upper hand over them. Thus, all these techniques focus on one point, i.e., how to improve the users rank.

Features of King Booster VIP:

  • No banned, no detection, and no root/root
  • Work all tier
  • 100% working
  • Rank booster
  • Damage up 78%
  • Fast farming
  • Activate anti-ban
  • Auto win
  • Auto lag
  • Team pro
  • Hack defense (Tank)
  • Classic
  • Brawl
  • Ranked
  • Free app without any password
  • Small-sized tool for MLBB
  • Use it for all Android OS

At heart, it is an MLBB modifying tool that helps you in elevating your rank from low to highest. It can read & control the gaming rules and set them according to the situation. The ending appears in your favor. Such tools are trending on the top since the demand is high from the bananas. Now, you can learn how to apply this app nicely.

How to use King Booster VIP?

  1. First of all, of course, download the app from the active link here. If you have any of its outdated version, then uninstall it first.
  2. Now, launch the app after completing the installation with the necessary permissions.
  3. To open it, you don’t need to get any password or login details.
  4. So, open the menu and select your demanded hacks.
  5. When you have done, click on the MLBB icon in the last, and play the game.


No doubt, we get in touch with different apps or tools to operate our online games. Many of these are working efficiently, and King Booster VIP is also one of the most competent. It not only modifies the MLBB but also gives you a desired position in the match. In summary, you can agree with our suggested piece of art if you want to succeed, smartly.