March 7, 2024

Information of IWantU

25.7 MB
Android 5.0+

TikTok has gone viral around the world as a result of the recent rise of social media apps. Today, it has billions of short-form videos and compelling material created by individuals and brands. So, it has captured the interest of millions of users. At the same time, the IWantU app is quickly becoming a well-liked substitute for adults seeking a comparable experience with a more mature twist. This Android app has similar features and an identical user experience to the number one platform, TikTok.

Yet, it only has content intended for users who are at least 18 years old. If the truth is told, this short video streaming app has adult content only. In fact, it is the new name of TikTok 18+. Users are already familiar with it. If you are new to this online streaming portal, this informative post will clarify all your queries.

Many famous people and other unknown users are sharing their spicy & sensual moves here. Hence, you should have a clear idea that it is an updated edition of the previous adult app. Its overall interface is the same as the original video app. Anyway, Android phone users download and install this third-party utility. In this article, we will have a closer look at the app. Although you are a grown-up individual, please read all the pros and cons of consuming such obscene sources on your phone.

Features of IWantU:

User-Interface: Users of TikTok will recognize its sleek & user-friendly interface. It shows all the options on the main page. To move toward the next video, you swipe up.

Short Videos: People on this app make and share short musical videos, apply filters and effects, and interact with other users through comments, likes, and shares.

Smart Search: A “Discover” option allows users to look up trending topics, videos, and profiles. You directly land the user profile or channel by swiping left on a video.

User Experience: Likewise, consumers enjoy a seamless and pleasurable user experience, making it simple for adults to get started producing and enjoying a video.

For Adults Only: Keep in mind that the app is meant only for 18+ users. In other words, its services belong to an adult audience. If you are under eighteen, stay away from it.

Health Effects: Continual exposure to explicit content can cause a number of mental health problems. Therefore, you can spend this time on other healthy activities.

Drawbacks: IWantU APK does have some possible downsides, just like any other app. As an alternative to TikTok, one limitation is that it might not have the same number of users or degree of popularity. It is because you encounter blue content creators and interactions compared to the original app.


Actually, viewers should be aware of the possibility of vulgar content or interactions on this social media platform as well as any other. When interacting with others on the app, they can use care. Indeed, end users must adhere to proper usage rules because the app is intended for adults. Now, you have a clear image of IWantU before using it.

This free streaming app has plenty of sensual content. Therefore, users get addicted to it. In addition, one may face privacy issues since it is an unofficial platform. Remember that nothing is free in this world. Similarly, this adult app will affect your body and mind. Decide carefully, and visit the homepage of TheAPKMart for trending games and tools.