Injector ML No Password
Injector ML No Password

Injector ML No Password APK Download (Latest Version) v9.5 for Android

March 24, 2021

Information of Injector ML No Password

Injector ML No Password
6.0 MB
EZ Hunter FC
5.0 and up

Do you demand an injector app for MLBB working without a password? If yes, then Injector ML No Password is your dream tool. Of course, it is a password-free tool, letting you patch the game specifically. As an illustration, you can unlock the skins in addition to some battle effects, ML backgrounds, and similar things. Hence, it is an all-inclusive tool with the correct cheats to modify the game. Also, you can download & use it now with no time limitation at all.

Some injector apps become more prominent due to their characteristics features, like the ML Injector No Ban. It is famous because of its excellent anti-ban system except for the basic functions. Our today’s app is also a unique piece astonishing to the ML fans. In short, utilize one as well as the other to become an invulnerable player.

However, our main subject is interesting for those who don’t want to bother with a password. Or even feel difficulty remembering a specific code to open an app. Just install the Injector ML No Password app in your Android and feel relaxing. First of all, you will be able to change the appearance of ML heroes with reasonable choices. Here, each category has almost the most important costumes. Next, the necessary effects, e.g., the recalls, emotions, etc., are handy without any complication.

Additionally, free backgrounds are an essential part of this injector since ML fans don’t consider a tool valuable without this element. Therefore, Injector ML takes care of all. Besides it, you enjoy various comforts minimizing the process lengths and number of steps. Overall, it is good to install the app.

Features of the Injector ML No Password:

Effect Battle

  • Recalls, Elimination, Spawn, etc.

All Skins

  • Assassin, Mage, Fighter, Tank, Support, MM.
  • Special, Zodiac, Starlight, Epic, etc.


  • To set on separate places, e.g., Profile, Lobby, Loading, and so on.

The other relieves you will surely enjoy, include the following points.

  • Free injector app without any password.
  • Safe & secure to use.
  • Frequent updates have made it diverse & comprehensive.
  • Fix bugs to minimize all issues.
  • Easy to use for all.
  • Anti-ban.
  • No root.
  • No ads.
  • Impressive & effective app.

In summary, the Injector ML No Password has something favorite of all fans. It not only lets you enjoy the free items but also gets open without a key. Resultantly, many players take it as an extra advantage. So, you should not be out of the race if you want to see yourself among the top fighters.

How to use the Injector ML No Password?

  1. Simply, download it first and then install it easily.
  2. Since it’s a third-party app, give it conditional permissions.
  3. When you open the tool, all the main features are present in three classes as described above.
  4. So, select one group of your interest and inject the items from there. The process is over in this way.


No matter if you can purchase the gaming items or not, the Injector ML No Password is suitable for all. Since it has no harmful effects & only gives free advantages, it’s a worthwhile tool for Mobile Legends. So, take this gift and see its splendid functions. Though the MLBB has various security layers yet, it works in all circumstances.