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Hack App Data

Hack App Data APK Download (Latest Version) v1.9.11 for Android

October 26, 2020

Information of Hack App Data

Hack App Data
6.2 MB
6.0 and up

Do you want to know what data an app has stored in your smartphone and also manipulate it blindly? Then, we are reviewing a fun app for your Android, which is Hack App Data, to make changes in any data stored by different apps on your smartphone. It can create a copy of an app in the form of APK along with our desired changes in that app.

It gives you a detailed view of app information and what it has saved in the phone’s memory. To get the benefits of this powerful tool, you can download it from this site without spending any money. Also, you can get Hack App Data Pro too from our site, which is we have provided previously on our site for our site users.

What is Hack App Data?

We do have various applications installed in our modern smartphones, and these apps store their data on mobiles’ internal memory or SD card. The data saved by these apps may be in the form of videos, music, text document, pictures, or some other media. Hack App Data app not only hacks that data but also lets you edit by using different tools.

In our smartphones, we have two types of installed apps. System Apps & User Apps. The former is a list of the default apps previously installed on the mobile. The latter is a category that consists of apps that we install on our device by our choice. It may be risky for our Android device to disturb the System Apps. But we can modify the data and information of User apps.

Hack App Data gives us the following information about an app. A) Basic Information. B) Preference. C) Database. From the first one, we get the Name, Size, Installation time, Build time of an app. The second tells us where the data is stored in our device. And the third one tells about the entries of an app that it has made in the Android database.

Features of this app:

  • Edit the Data of Apps: It is the main feature of this tool that lets you access and edit it easily.
  • Backup of an App: While manipulating the data, if we damage an app mistakenly, this option restores that app in the original form. If we successfully modify an app, Hack App Data saves that app in an APK format.
  • Built-in system: It has powerful built-in hacks that work efficiently, and you don’t need to inject any scripts.
  • Root Permissions: To fully use this app, our device must be rooted, otherwise we can’t edit the data. You may get it a negative point of this app.
  • Free app: Moreover, it is a free tool, and it doesn’t contain any types of ads.
  • Simple UI: Technically, it is an easy tool to handle. In the menu, four options are available. User Apps, System Apps, Backup List, and Help.

Final Thought

As you’ve read all about this app in the above paragraphs. Hack App Data APK has two main functions: to find the app data and edit the app data. You’ll understand this tool when you start using it. So we recommend you not to modify the pre-installed apps, only use it for User Apps to hack their data. So if you find any interest in this app, download it from our page, it’s free.