Gloowall Tool
Gloowall Tool

Gloowall Tool APK Download (Latest Version) v8 for Android

June 15, 2021

Information of Gloowall Tool

Gloowall Tool
12.5 MB
Shadow Face OP
5.0 and up

Garena Free Fire is a survival shooter game in which gamers try to kill the frontiers while protecting themselves. There are several items inside the game for fighting, defending, and attacking. Also, gamers use dozens of modifying tools to hack specific weapons, heroes & their skins, maps, and other things. But we will tell you about a unique mod app that can donate you free gloo walls in the Free Fire. It is Gloowall Tool, prepared by Shadow Face OP for Android users.

Do you know about the gloo walls in Free Fire? Indeed, FF offers diverse gameplay, including a variety of gaming stuff. One of these good items is the gloo grenade. You can either throw it on the enemies to attack or place it in front of you to shield yourself against the enemy attacks. Hence, it is an attacking as well as a defensive weapon at a time. But, very few players have a mastery over it as it requires a lot of practice.

Now you can open this stylish element for your avatars to equip them with essential things. And for some extra bites, you can apply the SF Tool because it unlocks multiple gaming stuff for FF fans. So, get any of these sturdy apps to become a legend, guru, or master.

Features of Gloowall Tool:

Those FF fans who have used it know very well about its functioning. But if you have come here for the first time, then the following details will let you know the function of this app. Without further ado, let discuss its functions & qualities.

  • This tool works only for Free Fire OB27.
  • It has nearly 28 free gloowall skins.
  • You can inject them in FF in the easiest way.
  • Only a single click adds your selected item to the game.
  • The developer has provided different versions of this tool, but it is the latest one.
  • Also, it has more gloo walls in it than the last editions.
  • All this free stuff enables you to play aggressively or defensively.
  • There are no complications in the app.
  • Moreover, it has a single-page menu showing all the freebies.
  • 100% performance with complete safety.
  • No passwords, root requirements or ads, etc.
  • Lightweight app with a simple UI.
  • Free to download & use.

How to use Gloowall Skin Tool app?

  1. Tap the download link right on this page and grab its newest APK file.
  2. Then, install it in a few steps.
  3. Next, launch the app and open it to see the available free gloo walls.
  4. Choose any one out of 28, and click on it.
  5. You will see the “Congratulations” popup instantly.
  6. It means you have injected that item in the game, which you can experience by opening the Free Fire.
  7. Yay, you have done it.


No doubt, Gloowall Tool Apk provides only one freebie for your gaming. Yet, it is of the utmost importance since many FF players desire it. It is hard to earn, but our suggested app makes it possible efficiently. It is a straightforward mod app that will win your heart. So, download & install it confidently. Besides all, you can search the tips & tricks on the web to get a grip over the gloo walls since many players have shared their experience about it.