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FB Toolkit APK Download (Latest Version) v37. for Android

November 17, 2018

Information of FB Toolkit

FB Toolkit
1.4 MB
4.0 and up

FB Toolkit is a simple application which lets you wrap of your Facebook tasks within seconds. The application originally helps those who use to use Facebook for business. And on daily basis, they have to send friend requests or accept more than one request. Now, with this simple application, you can do all with just one tap.

Either it is to accept the hundreds of friend requests, or to send messages to your friend lists, now it happens with just one tap of the finger. So, download Facebook Social Toolkit app from the given download link and install it to your Android mobile phone or tablet.

How to use Facebook Social Toolkit?

The FB Toolkit (or Facebook Toolkit) is developed to save your time. If you are spending 2-3 hours daily to take up your daily tasks. Now, by using the same app, you would get that done within 20-30 minutes. Plus, all the tasks would execute swiftly without many clicking and copy/paste the stuff. So walk with me, to get to know how the application works.

  1. Get Facebook Toolkit APK file on your Android phone or tablet.
  2. Install it on your Android phone, it might ask you to change the installation settings.
  3. Next, launch it on your phone, it will ask you to log in using the application, or if you already logged in your account it will take you to the account.
  4. Now, you are free to use the resources available on the platform of this application.
  5. And with this simple application, you can block the messages of few persons or all friend list. You can even extract the email ID of all Facebook friends added you with. There are some features which only entail the premium users, and you can also get the premium subscription by following the simple method mentioned.

This app almost covers every feature available on Facebook. And it has already made Facebook lives easier. As people before this has to nail down before the long-running task. Now, by using the same, you would get the job done with one tap.

Features of FB Toolkit:

  • FB Toolkit is the best application to handle the hectic Facebook tasks. You can simply accept all pending friend request, add all Facebook friends to your group and much more.
  • Add all Facebook friends to your Facebook groups.
  • Accept or reject the friend request.
  • Block all Facebook friend messages.
  • Send a specific message to all Facebook friends.
  • Unfriend all Facebook friends with one tap.
  • Remove all people from your Facebook groups.
  • Add posts on more than one group in one time.
  • Schedule the same posts on more than one business pages.
  • Publish your content on all Facebook pages and groups at once.
  • Extract the email IDs of all Facebook friends.
  • Send many friend requests to many people you may know.
  • Unlike all Facebook pages at once.
  • Comment on more than one pages or groups at once.
  • This application supports Android version 4.0 and higher, you can get the app on any Android phone without any restriction.
  • The interface of the application perfectly designed for smartphones.
  • Like more than one page, or join more than one group in time.
  • And much more features.

Download Toolkit for Facebook APK file for your Android mobile from the provided download link, and add convenience to your Facebook business life. Moreover, stay tuned TheAPKMart for more latest Android apps and games.