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FB Lite APK Download (Latest Version) v382. for Android

December 14, 2023

Information of FB Lite

FB Lite
2.5 MB
2.2 and up

No doubt, modern smartphones offer exceptional specs. Still, a max proportion of Android users own low-end devices, especially in developing countries. Therefore, developers create lighter versions of the world-famous online or offline apps. It releases a maximum burden from your phone, and the enjoyment continues. Similarly, FB Lite APK is the smallest app representing the popular social network site, Facebook. In fact, this miniature was created to facilitate the fans with mediocre or even low-end devices. Honestly saying, the file size is less than 2MBs, but it lets you enjoy all the features of Facebook with fewer resources.

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Anyway, let explore the features & qualities of the FB Lite app. This alternative edition of the FB app is not merely a low-space consuming app but also needs a minimum data connection. You can use it even on 2G connections to connect with your friends. Hence, your communication will never get disturbed due to unstable networks. We know that the original FB app has become heavy due to consecutive updates. It occupies a lot of space in mobile phones and requires a 4G network for proper functioning. So, the lite edition is the need of the hour since millions of users demand it. If you are one of those, then get it now.

Features of the FB Lite APK:

I hope you are familiar with all the root functions of the Facebook app. Since we use this platform to share our stories, pics, activities, videos, etc., it is on the top among social sites. But this article will focus on the comforts of FB Lite APK. The inside functions are the same as you would have experienced. So, here are a few luxuries of the app.

  • Minimum Size – As the name indicates, it is the smallest APK size for the most loved social networking site. An app with a few MBs weight is bearable for low specs devices.
  • 2G Networks – Similarly, the app is functional on all networks, even with unstable Wi-Fi or 2G network. Hence, it keeps you online when your phone receives minimum signals.
  • Save Your Data – In simple words, FB Lite app consumes minimum data from your phone. Thus, it is economical and valuable too. If you agree with this point, it is essential for you.
  • Fast Experience – As a result of the above features, you will not face issues uploading the recent stories & statuses. With a lite version, you can save your time as well.
  • Free & Original – The FB Lite APK is free for all. It is the authentic & official app for Facebook. So, don’t worry about the negative effects. There is no risk in using it on Android.


Though, FB Lite APK is a blessing for humble phones. Yet, it is functional on all the latest & old smartphones. FB users prefer it because of its lightweight messenger. It is helpful to connect with others easily. Have you been searching for this app desperately? If yes, then do not wander here & there on the web. Honestly, the app has been attached with the link on the top of this page. You can own it ASAP.