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Dowa WhatsApp

Dowa WhatsApp APK Download (Latest Version) v2.19.274 for Android

April 17, 2021

Information of Dowa WhatsApp

Dowa WhatsApp
36.4 MB
Dowa WhatsApp Team
4.4 and up

WhatsApp is the best & free instant messaging app in the world. More than 5B+ downloads of the official version on the Play Store is a vast figure. Despite the countless attributes of this gigantic app, it has some limitations. If you are a regular user, then you would be aware of it. For instance, limited media files sending, privacy options, a bit customization features, and similar others are prominent controls. However, the latest version 2021 of Dowa WhatsApp is classy & extraordinarily good. Indeed, it’s an alternate form of the original WhatsApp but with enhanced features.

For example, you can control the privacy, media sharing, backgrounds, themes, and groups settings. The root purpose of the mod version is the same, but it has several liberties doubtlessly. Similarly, another modified edition with the name of WhatsApp Mix is already present on the web. You can check it for free.

Android users are continuously receiving many improved MODs for this app. Some of them are of high quality. But one thing you always must check before downloading a mod for WhatsApp. It is the security of that edition. If it doesn’t commit to the privacy & anti-ban qualities, then don’t avail it. However, the Dowa WhatsApp app ensures the safety & security of your privacy. Therefore, it is in use for a longer time. And many have shown their satisfaction after using it. Hence, you can have an intensely satisfying experience using the ‘D WhatsApp.

Features of Dowa WhatsApp:

We have jotted down the most noticeable & few qualities of this app. However, the more you explore it, the more freedoms you will find. So, analyze it deeply by installing it on your Android gadget.

Group Controls

By default, you can add only 257 members to a WhatsApp group. But Dowa WhatsApp Apk has broken this hurdle. And you can create groups of many more members than this limit.

Media Sharing

Share more than a hundred pics at a time. Also, the duration & number of audio/video files are longer than the default choices. Thus, sharing multiple media files is easier than ever.

Backgrounds & Themes

Likewise, enjoy various pics, colors, and wallpapers to set as the chat backgrounds. Similarly, blue, brown, pink, orange, etc., are some options in the themes category.

Status & Stories

If you are the person who frequently uploads pics, videos on status, then you should try it. Indeed, it lets you share video clips of longer than 30 seconds.

Privacy & Security

More importantly, Dowa WhatsApp Messenger allows its users to customize their privacy options. Hide-specific contacts, blue ticks, typing, anti-delete, and many others are also enjoyable. Besides it, this Dowa WhatsApp update version 2021 is anti-ban, safe & secure to use. Thus, you will not fall into any trouble.

Emoji Library

Here you can share awesome emojis, stickers, and gifs free. The options are much more than the original app.

App Lock

Since the official version doesn’t have this feature, therefore many users feel uncomfortable. However, you can lock your account, after which no one can open your WhatsApp.

Additional Features:

  • Multiple font styles.
  • Always online feature.
  • Numerous chat tools.
  • Multilingual app.
  • No limit to forwarding messages.
  • Backup & restore.
  • Modified UI.
  • More privacy options.
  • Free to use.
  • Better experience.
  • And many more features available.


If you are not enjoying the official WhatsApp version, then Dowa WhatsApp will delight you. It has the same qualities but in modified & enhanced form. Thus, it is more attractive & good. But we want to clear one thing. It is a third-party app and has no links with the original version. That’s why it is not available on the Google Play Store.