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DJ WhatsApp

DJ WhatsApp APK Download (Latest Version) v4 for Android

May 1, 2021

Information of DJ WhatsApp

DJ WhatsApp
62.3 MB
NR Mods
5.0 and up

WhatsApp MODs are somewhat better editions of the original WhatsApp Messenger. Since this messaging app is leading worldwide, therefore Android developers have introduced its different forms. All of these modified versions are slightly different from one another. However, their fundamental aim is to extend the main features as many users want. Therefore, we will discuss DJ WhatsApp in this article. All its distinctions & attributes are readable here. Also, you can download & install the APK free of cost.

The primary features you usually get in WhatsApp mods belong to the Groups, Chats & Privacy Controls. On the other hand, DJ WhatsApp Apk brings forth some exclusive qualities, including the Anti-Ban, Voice Changer, Anti-Virus, and few others. So, you will have a few admirable choices to run this application. Though, you have dozens of mod versions, like Cyber Warrior WhatsApp. But each one is not up to the mark & outstanding. And it creates confusion for a user while choosing out of many.

However, you don’t need to worry. You can read all about this app and then decide if it is better for you or not. Besides it, all the WhatsApp users feel that the app has some shortcomings in specific areas. Though we get regular updates in it, they are slow & very few. If you are impatient to customize it, then collect our recommended MODs now. Indeed, you will feel great liberty & easement while using DJ WhatsApp app or others.

Features of DJ WhatsApp:

Here, our focus will be on its key features apart from the ordinary ones you already know. So, let begin.

Ultra Immune, Anti-Virus

Since unofficial WhatsApp versions get ban after a short time, therefore users feel unsafe. In this regard, DJ WhatsApp makes preparations for it. Hence, you will not lose your account as the app promises it. Further, it has an extra protective layer by which a virus can’t enter your device as well.

No Lag, Fast Scrolling

Some MODs got failed due to their low-speed issues. However, DJ WhatsApp is as faster as the official app. So, don’t think about its slowness or lag problems. And you can run it speedily & smoothly.

Voice Changer

As the name indicates, this feature enables you to change your voice. Then, you can send voice notes in that language. You would not have experienced this quality before.


Likewise, disable your current location and show a dummy location for your presence. Hence, others will not know where you are.

Some Other Features of DJ WhatsApp:

In-app features are the same as you enjoy in other MODs.

  • Customize your account, chats, notifications, and other things painlessly.
  • Moreover, you should not root your device since it is a safer & error-free app.
  • It is a stable & crash-free app. So, don’t worry about it.
  • Send 100+ pics, text messages in a single row.
  • Security & privacy features are also customizable as you want.
  • You have a dedicated section for WhatsApp groups on the home screen.
  • Quick sharing of large audio & video files
  • The interface is also adjustable.
  • Different themes are available.
  • And many more features.


You should not consider it an ordinary tool since it came into existence after the hard work of the developers. Therefore, the APK file doesn’t crash or break. It is long-lasting & durable instead. DJ WhatsApp not only provides the customization features but also proves itself a riskless & stable app. On the other hand, some MODs don’t care about it. If you are curious and want to examine it, then hit the download button just.