Devilx86 Impostor Mod Menu
Devilx86 Impostor Mod Menu

Devilx86 Impostor Mod Menu APK Download (Latest Version) v1.9.1 for Android

May 27, 2021

Information of Devilx86 Impostor Mod Menu

Devilx86 Impostor Mod Menu
125 MB
5.0 and up

“Among Us” is an online multiplayer game in which 4 to 10 players participate. And they are present in a spaceship at an anonymous place. They all try to discover the impostors among them. In this way, the whole game completes, and the players enjoy some action, thrill, suspense, and much more. Since it is a famous game, therefore a few MOD versions have also come. However, you will have information about the Devilx86 Impostor Mod Menu, modded by Devilx86.

If you are one of the most active players of Among Us, then get ready to enjoy some unexpected hacks in the game. Indeed, you will get advantages related to the Player, Identity, Lobby, Ship, Chat, Host, Misc, and various others. As a result, you can perform much better than others in your group. On the other hand, it is identical to the original game. But it has unlocked all the necessary features making it superior & more attractive.

Features of Devilx86 Impostor Mod Menu:

If you are the one who never plays a game with the help of mod tools, then it is not for you. Instead, it is for those crazy fans who want to win it by any possible means. That’s why Devilx86 has introduced it recently. Besides all, it has all the original as well as modified features in it. Anyway, its menu consists of the following extra features.

  • Misc: Show Impostors, Show Lobby Info, Lobby Info Size, Show Radar, Show Notifications, Anti Host Kick/Ban, Always Move.
  • Self: Wall Hack, Play Medbay Animation, Player Speed (0 To 30), Drone View (0 To 100), Max Light, Fake Impostor, Fake Crewmate, Fake Alive, Emergency Count (0 To 50), No Emergency Cooldown, Complete All Tasks, Kill Other Impostors.
  • Identity: Restore On Meeting, Restore After Meeting, Repeat Colors (Host), Change Name, Color, Style, Original Identity, Change Identity, Change On Murder, Change On Vent, Copy Player, Identity Cycler, Timer (500 To 10K Ms), Color, Pet, Hat, Skin Cycler, Cycler Timer.
  • Lobby Options (Host-Only): Vote Kick Protection, Lobby Names, Color, Style, Random Emoji Names, Lobby Color, Skip Votes for, Lobby Timer, and more.
  • Ship: Fake Camera, Lock All Doors, Sabotage Loop, and many others.
  • Chat Text Options: Color, Bold, Italics, Text Size, etc.
  • Custom Server: Host/Join 10+ Lobby, Custom Region.
  • Besides all these, Host Settings, Game Options & Passive Options are also present.

If you have played the game ever, you can compare this mod menu with the original menu. You will see distinct improvements in it. And when you start playing it, you can kill others effortlessly. Also, all your tasks will complete shortly. So, enjoy the game conveniently without spending any money on it.


Indeed, Devilx86 Impostor Mod Menu is free to download & use for all Androids. Also, it is the latest MOD for Among Us. Moreover, it has no ads, passwords, or bugs, etc. And you can enjoy it just like the primary game. However, I would like to mention that it is not an official or legal version. The developer, Devilx86, has modified it for his fans only for entertainment. Therefore, it doesn’t aim to harm anyone. If you prefer such easy or modified games, then it is for you. So, download it now and install it to play like the legendary players. Moreover, stay connected with THEAPKMart for more next upcoming Among Us Mod apps.