Death TV Injector
Death TV Injector

Death TV Injector APK Download (Latest Version) v7.8 for Android

January 15, 2024

Information of Death TV Injector

Death TV Injector
9.5 MB
Death TV
4.2 and up

Since MLBB is quite popular among online gamers, therefore everyone has a different demand. Luckily, this MOBA supports the utilization of mod tools for which we have numberless injectors of various formats. Death TV Injector is a simple Android tool to customize the Mobile Legends Bang Bang. This type of apps has made it possible to attain the ML items more cheaply. Resultantly, the degree of enjoyment increases multiple times. Hence, download the APK file to inject some useful cheats into your loved game.

Still, if you need another app for the same purpose, then check the MeMeng TV Injector. It has an identical objective, which is, modify the ML with some different techniques. For you, both of the tools are free & available in the active state.

Anyway, let talk about the Death TV Injector app since it is our main topic. You can open ML skins, some backgrounds, and battle effects too. Each of the apps contains a separate number of items, so don’t compare it with anyone else. The core benefit you enjoy is no need to invest money in diamonds. Instead, get all ML items free of charge. Now, Death TV Injector has enhanced the number of MLBB fans. No doubt, they can enjoy remarkable features as follows.

Features of Death TV Injector:

  • Unlock ML skins for Mage, Assassin, Support, and others.
  • Get many Analogs to furnish the gameplay.
  • Similarly, battle emotes will help you in talking with the fellows.
  • EFEK Recalls are beneficial in empowering a hero with unlimited power.
  • Then, some other cheats are present in the division of battle effects.
  • Beautiful animations as Spawns will be attainable in Death TV Injector.
  • Also, avail multiple loading backgrounds and change the looks easily.
  • More importantly, it is easy to use, and you can inject cheats immediately.
  • You don’t need to worry about the ban problems as it has a proper system.
  • It receives frequent updates.
  • Lastly, the Death TV Injector APK provides all items for permanent use. The injected hacks don’t disappear once added.

Guys! You can see this app has a good collection of all cheats. Probably, you would be interested in it because none of the items is inferior. It can be the right decision to use Death TV Injector, especially for the newbies.

How to use Death TV Injector?

Our readers can get this tool on their smartphones with a single click. Also, the installation process doesn’t fell you in any bother. Then, continue the simple steps to inject the cheats.

  1. Open the app on your phone.
  2. Pick an ML character that you want.
  3. Then, insert your required cheats depending on that hero.
  4. When you have set all the settings as you wish, then open the MLBB.
  5. To remove or change any of the objects, repeat the process.


Tools like Death TV Injector bring hope for such players who are not competent enough in gaming. These apps/tools provide the content necessary to make a character more powerful. Then, it becomes possible to sustain longer in the fights of MLBB. If you have gone through any of the problems we explained in the above lines, then this will sort all the matters.