Deadlox Injector
Deadlox Injector

Deadlox Injector APK Download (Latest Version) v2 for Android

August 17, 2023

Information of Deadlox Injector

Deadlox Injector
17.5 MB
4.4 and up

Are you madly in love with the Garena Free Fire game? If so, you are one of the millions of insane gamers obsessed with this MOBA. Amazingly, the variety of tools available to players to modify the game increases along with the popularity of FF. One of the newest and most popular tools in this field is Deadlox Injector. This magical utility offers multiple features that give gamers an advantage over other players.

So, we will examine it in more detail in this post to see what it is and what benefits it provides. I want to briefly describe the RFO Bypass Raihan FF Injector before you read the rest of the post. In truth, it is yet another variant of the original game. As a result, you may also use it on an Android device. Numerous people have already investigated its capabilities. Download both apps to avoid in-game purchases.

Features of Deadlox Injector:

The developer explains the functions and cheats of this FF Injector app via his YT channel. He also calls it Playboy Deadlox. So, it has two titles. First and foremost, this tool allows players to modify Garena Free Fire. It is designed to work with both Normal and Max versions of the game. No matter which version you are playing, use it for your benefit. You will discover the following gems in it.

Panel Menu:

  • Aimbot 99%
  • Aimlock 98%
  • Only Red
  • Drag Head

Sensi Menu:

  • High Sensi
  • iPhone Sensi
  • Sensi X
  • Sensi Y

Bypass Menu:

  • Anti-Ban 100%
  • Anti-Blacklist 100%
  • Remove Report
  • Remove Panel

The AIMBOT is one of its most remarkable features. Actually, this attribute targets enemies for you automatically, making it much simpler to defeat them. In addition, you can employ the AIMLOCK function, which locks onto your target once you have aimed at it. It can be extremely useful while fighting close range. No doubt, this app claims something exceptional.

The Only Red function of the Deadlox Injector is superb. In short, it makes foes easier to see and target by showing them in red. This can be especially practical in case of several barriers ahead or other players nearby. Above all, move your aim across the screen using the Drag Head function. As a result, you can swiftly target attackers who are moving quickly.

Other Benefits of Deadlox Injector:

  • No Matchmaking Problem
  • All Mode Working
  • No Issues, Bugs, Errors
  • 100% Safe, Use Main ID
  • Free Fire Normal + Max

Of course, the ability to avoid detection is one of the main traits of every mod tool. Both anti-ban and anti-blacklist functions are available with Deadlox Injector. Honestly, it assures that you may use cheats. The security measures of the game can’t catch you now. Are you worried that opponents may report you for utilizing game modification tools? In fact, it is a common issue when you apply unfair tricks.

Yet, the Delete Report option can resolve this trouble. This feature removes any reports that have been made against you. Thus, you can carry on playing fearlessly. Matchmaking troubles are among the most upsetting situations gamers might run into while using hacks. Deadlox Injector claims to prevent these problems. Overall, it works well in whichever mode you choose to play. Try it for a better experience.


Last but not least, it is safe to use according to its menu. The owner says you can use it with your main ID. No need to worry about creating a new account just to use the tool. It also guarantees to be free of problems, bugs, and errors, giving gamers a flawless and easy experience. All these services are admirable.

In conclusion, the Deadlox Injector is an effective tool for Garena Free Fire participants. Its variety of functions makes it a useful addition to any player’s toolbox. If you are looking to gain an edge in the game, it is definitely worth considering. Now, this informative post ends here. You can grab the APK file for free.