BOX MLBBPRO 2021 APK Download (Latest Version) v4.5 for Android

July 29, 2023

Information of BOX MLBBPRO 2021

6.6 MB
5.0 and up

Do you not feel hesitation while using modifying apps for an online multiplayer battle arena? Then, remember one thing always if you don’t want to have a bad experience. Just maintain your mod tool up to date. Indeed, most of your account banning risks will get diminished. In this regard, this article will inform you about the latest part of a dynamic app. It is about BOX MLBBPRO 2021. Besides the previous features, it has upgraded all of its elements, like Drone view, Skins, Effects, and all other cheats for MLBB.

You have already received some formidable changes in the New IMoba 2021 and New BoxSkin 2021. All the updated content in these tools has impressed the users very much. Likewise, our today’s app is of similar qualities. Get this persuasive edition to be a dominating & influential fighter.

Considering the features of the BOX MLBBPRO 2021 app, you get similar premium elements for Mobile Legends as usual. First of all, it has a drone camera of three ranges. If you want to have a broader battlefield view, then apply any of them. Similarly, numerous ML costumes are attainable for multiple heroes. Additionally, it offers painted skins free. Battle effects are present under one group. For instance, recall, spawn, etc., are in an increased number than the previous update. Then, emote & backgrounds are handy in addition to the maps.

In this way, BOX MLBBPRO 2021 Apk will prove itself a piece of art by providing you plenty of free stuff. If you have been searching for such kind of sturdy item, then get it immediately. Now, the summary of all features is as follows.

Features of BOX MLBBPRO 2021:

Drone View

  • You can unlock all drone views, like X2, X3, X4, etc.

Unlock Skin

  • Unlock all skin in MLBB, e.g., Skin Painted, Assassin, Fighter, Mage, MM, Support, and Tank.

All Effect

  • Unlock all effects, including the Effect Recall, Effect Respawn, Elimination, and Notification.

More Menu

  • Unlock the Battle Emote, Background ML, Custom Intro ML, Custom Map, Custom Analog, Backsound MLBB, and so on.

Following bullets are also a part of its qualities.

  • A lot of free cheats will furnish your ML gameplay beautifully.
  • Each new look due to free skins helps in battle impressively.
  • A drone is essential to be aware of surroundings.
  • Recalls will bring back to your died or damaged avatar to fight again.
  • Other elements enhance your interest in the game.
  • Easy & effortless app to use.
  • The new edition has so many comforts.
  • No ads at all, and no root requirements for it.

What are New Updates in BOX MLBBPRO 2021?

  • New UI.
  • Fix Backup Hero; Lancelot, Roger, Aldou.
  • Multiple New Skins for certain Heroes.
  • Many Special, Collector, Epic, Star ML Skins are available.
  • Backsound, Analog, and Emotes have gotten new additions.
  • Many more.


If you have read the above explanation regarding the BOX MLBBPRO 2021, you will be interested in it. To enjoy all these gaming items for MLBB, only get the app and install it on your Android. Since other ML fans don’t know much about it yet, therefore, you can turn the tables with ease. Besides all, it has no passwords. Thus, you can directly use it now. Finally, click the download button above and earn the app free.