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Autoliker Live

Autoliker Live APK Download (Latest Version) v1.5.2 for Android

February 18, 2024

Information of Autoliker Live

Autoliker Live
29 MB
5.0 and up

Facebook is one of the leading social sites nowadays. Individuals, celebrities, companies, brands, and institutes use this medium to reach their target audience online. However, it is a saturated platform now. Therefore, new users and small businesses find it difficult to catch the attention of the online community. If you want to get in touch with millions of relevant clients or fans, you need a pro tool. As a result, more and more people will engage with your content. For this, apply the Autoliker Live app and get viral on FB in no time.

This magical app is available for Android phones. You don’t need a license or permission to install it on your device. Moreover, it has the same functions and objectives as the Free Liker app. But you will also observe a few differences. Download these automation tools if you really need a boost on Facebook. Their owners claim these apps are free of spam and are safe for your account and device. In this article, we will discuss the features of Autoliker Live along with usage guidelines. Hence, you can learn everything about it in a few mins.

Features of Autoliker Live:

It offers a convenient, automated solution to increase your Facebook following and likes forever. In reality, its core purpose is to save you time and effort by automatically generating likes and followers for your posts, photos, videos, and Facebook accounts or pages. Here are its offerings.

FB Auto Followers:

Primarily, it offers only one main service, i.e., Facebook Auto Followers. It means you can utilize this utility to connect your personal and business profile and page with new clients & fans.

Other Services:

The app will add other services in the next updates, e.g., Facebook Likes, Comments, Shares, Reactions, and Page Services. Increase your credibility and ROI on organic FB posts and ads.

Safe and Secure:

Autoliker Live ensures the security of your data and account info. For this, it doesn’t save anything on its servers. Instead, login, usernames, passwords, and cookies are saved on your device.

Anti-Spam App:

Similarly, the tool is free of spam. All its functions are 100% safe and real. Also, it doesn’t sell or exchange tokens without your permission. Users can feel safe while using this trusted program.

Customer Support:

You can contact the officials in case of any trouble. Inside the app, they have provided links to their social media pages. Still, it is a third-party app. Official app stores have not allowed it yet.

How to use the Autoliker Live app?

After installing the APK on your phone, click to open it. You will see the login with the Google option at the bottom of the app. Hence, continue with an active Google account and land on the next page. Next, you will use the Login with Facebook option. Enter the credentials of an FB account or page you want to promote. Finally, click the Start icon in the bottom right corner. The app will work to bring new followers for you. Yet, you have to collect the Credits by completing certain tasks. That’s it.


To sum up, Autoliker Live is a strong Android app that provides a simple and effective approach to an endless number of automatic likes and followers on Facebook. It enables users to easily raise Facebook engagement and grow their fanbase thanks to its user-friendly UI and adjustable settings. However, it’s important to exercise caution while utilizing such tools and to be aware of the potential downsides of using third-party apps on Facebook.