AndroRat APK Download (Latest Version) v1.2 for Android

November 7, 2018

Information of AndroRat

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2.3 and up

Do you want to spy on an Android phone? Want to check the real-time notification, WhatsApp messages, call records and much more? AndroRat is the best application tool that can allow you to get all this done. But, you need to learn how the application works.

The app can provide you with much more than what I stated. It is entirely upon you, how you take this application forward, and explore the inch and squares of it. You can download this hacking application on an Android phone, and start controlling the mobile devices remotely.

There are dozens of the method which could lead you to hack a phone. Starting from coding (this can only be used by a competent programmer) to using the tools. And when it comes to using tools to hack the phone, no one could be better than AndroRat app. This word comes from Andro (Android) RAT (Remote Administration Tool).

This application does not require any kind of expertise in coding or programming. But, you will have to learn how the app works. Originally this application is designed to test the security of a network. Security analyst uses this application to check the loopholes in a system and network. This application hits on the weaker zones of an application and enters into a phone or network. You can use this application to hack any network, any device and check the real-time status of the phone.

How to use AndroRat?

Application of this kind, undoubtedly the double-edged sword these apps though come to test the vulnerability of a system for educational purposes. But, more than often seekers and hackers get the help of this, and crack a system down.

So, let’s be the use of this application and test our system’s weaknesses. As it would be ideal to find out the flaws before someone else gets into our system.

  1. First, download AndroRat from the given download link.
  2. Install it on your Android mobile phone or tablet; the APK file can lead you to do so.
  3. Now, you need to create a place where you could save the data, or where the data could be sent.
  4. Now, transfer the port, it depends upon the type of router you have. You need to find out the type of router, Google is best to get this done.
  5. Now download AndroRat Binder, and in the place of the hostname type the name, you find and created for your port.
  6. Get a name for the file and click on Go, you even can change the created the file into another application.
  7. Now, when you have installed DUC for automatic DNS type, enter the hostname you created before.
  8. Launch the AndroRat project app, and enter the port number in the server tap option.
  9. You are all set to hack a phone now.

What can you do with AndroRat?

  • AndroRat is the best option to hack an Android phone. You need to install the app on the targeted phone.
  • This application can get all phone calls from the targeted phone.
  • Access the call logs and messages.
  • It tracked the GPS location and motion of the target.
  • Remotely access the live traffic of the device.
  • Take the pictures from the rear cameras without getting noticed.
  • Intercept sounds from the microphone.
  • Send text messages, or make phone calls remotely.
  • Open the URL use the browser on the target phone.
  • And you can much more do with this application.

So, download AndroRat APK file for your Android mobile for free from the given download link. This application has a lot more to offer than you think. And stay tuned TheAPKMart for best Android apps and games.