AlphaBox 2021
AlphaBox 2021

AlphaBox 2021 APK Download (Latest Version) v1.2 Part 2 for Android

v1.2 Part 2
April 26, 2021

Information of AlphaBox 2021

AlphaBox 2021
v1.2 Part 2
4.0 MB
Alpha Gaming
5.0 and up

If you have ever played the MLBB, you would be an admirer of this MOBA. The 5v5 battle game with realistic graphics & gameplay is appreciable. Also, modifying tools are equally famous for them. Ordinary players frequently apply these mod apps to unlock the various gaming items. One of these tools is AlphaBox 2021 with a fresh look & cheats in it. If you want a new & upgraded app for MLBB, then do download it. Indeed, ML skins, drone & several battle effects are accessible in it.

This app is becoming famous with time, just like the New BoxSkin 2021. So, you can also check the latter one. They have updated features according to the latest MLBB edition. For now, let analyze the root qualities of the AlphaBox 2021 app. First of all, this injector app has a green UI, and thus it doesn’t irritate the users. Then, cheats are also quite interesting. To say, Drone View up to 5X is usable along with a Tablet View. Don’t you have full coverage in the ML battlefield?

Just apply the drone camera of this app. Next, pricey outfits that we call skins are just a single click away. So, modify their looks to boost efficiency & energy. Lastly, six battle effects, like recall, spawn, emote, etc., are handy in ample quantity. Hence, beautify the game by using these free resources.

Features of AlphaBox 2021:

Following boxes of ML items, you can use them.

  • Drone
  • Skin
  • Recall
  • Spawn
  • Elimination
  • Notification
  • Emote
  • Analog

The explanation is as follows. The developer instructs the user regarding the drone camera. For safety purposes, use it only three times. If you inject it again & again, they might detect you doing an illegal activity. Likewise, a broad range of ML skins, like the Elite, Star, Special, Epic, Legend, Lightborn, etc., are present here. Moreover, the AlphaBox 2021 Apk covers the bulk of ML heroes of Assassin, Mage, Tank, Support, MM, and Fighter. In short, you have many options in these two groups of cheats.

Then, battle effects are also in a large number. To illustrate, 40 Recalls, 10 Spawn, 11 Elimination, 24 Emotes, 18 Analogs, and 7 Notifications. Ultimately, the tool is fully open before you. We used it on Androids, and it’s working without defects. Since it’s new in the market, therefore few gamers know about it yet. You can be an expert player by getting the support of a novel app. Following are some extra benefits of AlphaBox 2021.

Additional Features:

  • Simple user-interface.
  • New & updated experience.
  • Good intentions for ordinary players.
  • Easy to use.
  • Settings will be available soon.
  • You can check updates inside the app.
  • VIP edition will come in the next update.
  • All skins of 2021 are within easy reach.
  • And many more.

Final Words:

No doubt, one should play a game depending on their self-skills & abilities. But it takes time, patience, and money as well to pass certain levels. Since most gamers want quick & free output, therefore they tend towards the mod tools. If you feel inferior to others in MLBB, you need to apply the AlphaBox 2021. It elevates the mediocre players by giving them free ML features. Do you like this method? Then, get it now.