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AK Hack

AK Hack Free Fire APK Download (Latest Version) v69 for Android

March 28, 2021

Information of AK Hack

AK Hack
89.7 MB
AK Hack YT & KTM Modder YT
5.0 and up

Except for the modifying tools, the MOD versions of the top online games are setting a new trend. Some Android developers are using this idea and creating better & flexible editions of the official games, like the Garena Free Fire. Since this game doesn’t let you use the mod tools, an alternative has come into the market. It is AK Hack, a modified version of the Free Fire like United Mods Free Fire. No doubt, you will use more than three dozen premium features in this MOD.

It has touched the most demanded areas of the game, e.g., Aim, ESP, Hero Skills, in-game currency, and so on. Hence, it is a child’s play now to win every match in the FF. Don’t you have enough skills? Then, utilize this mod to learn the game.

Indeed, Free Fire is among the most famous online battle games these days. Its unique attributes attract each modern gamer. The game came into existence after the hard work of the developers. Thus, officials want to earn some money via gaming items. It keeps them motivated, and the fast servers & professionals keep on working continuously. Finally, the users are a source of donations to them. But many of you don’t want to spend money. That’s why the AK Hack YT is here.

Benefits of using the AK Hack Free Fire:

Following are the principle hacks you will enjoy in this modified version.

Aim Improvements

If you can make perfects aims, then you can kill maximum enemies. Thus, you can enjoy up to seven different aim hacks, e.g., V1, V2, Spot, FOV, etc.

ESP Hacks

Extra Sensor Perception is the ability of the warriors to sense different things on the battlefields. So, you will enjoy ESP for Fire, Name, Distance, Fire Head, and others too.

Hero Skills

Do you want to make your hero deadlier in the battle? For this, the AK Hack Free Fire has unlocked many skills for your desired character.

  • Fly Player
  • Fly Switch
  • Speeds up to 250x
  • Sensibility
  • Free Skill Lobby
  • Medical Kit
  • Driving Skills
  • Antenna Head
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Ghost Hack
  • Remove Parachute
  • Fast Reload

Unlimited Currency

Your wallet must be full of gold, coins, points, diamonds, etc., so you can purchase any required thing instantly. Therefore, the AK Hack FF fills your wallet without any expenditures. Thus, buy all those things that you couldn’t get in the official app.

Battlefield Hacks

You can activate many features for your convenience in the playgrounds. Then, many hurdles will remove from your way. For instance:

  • Remove Trees, Stones
  • Fast Scoop
  • 15D Camera
  • Big Size
  • Remove Report
  • And others

Hence, you can see all these features are not usable in the original Free Fire version. But they are accessible through online payments from the game authorities. However, you can utilize this mod in case when you aren’t able to invest in it. In short, it is a source of entertainment for free resource lovers.


It is easy-peasy to download & install the latest version of the AK Hack from this page. Doubtlessly, it is the easiest way to get this mod, free of cost. So, try it if you are not enjoying the game due to a shortage of gaming tools. All these features will make your avatar more competent and skillful. Now, the decision is yours according to your taste. It is just a single click away from you.