360 Root

June 27, 2023
8.1 MB
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4.0 and up
360 Mobile Security Limited
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360 Root Review:

Let’s not talk about the pros and cons of rooting. Let’s not dive into how delicate the process rooting is. As you want to download a rooting application, you do know about the use of the pros and cons of it. If you want to get a clean and smooth rooting of your phone, 360 Root is the best choice for you. As being a non-techy person, you cannot afford to follow a detailed process of getting a root done.

You only hunt for the app which could provide the privilege of root with just one tap. And there, 360 Root stands heads and shoulder above the rest of the apps on the same niche. I am not saying, this is the only application to root a phone on the face of the earth. There are others, like AutoRoot Tools, Key Root Master and dozens of others. You can get the privilege of rooting a phone using any of the mentioned application. So, let’s dive into how to get rooting of a device done.

How to use 360 Root?

This is simple to navigate, clean interface and easy to handle an application. Even a non-native person would use this app and get the rooting executed. When I used this application to get the root privilege of my phone, I didn’t know about rooting a device. But, later on, the experiences get me very deep into it, and I started digging new ways and new apps.

  1. First, download 360 Root tool for your Android phone from the given download link. (The original version of this rooting application comes in the Chinese language. But, we are providing you the English version, go easy.)
  2. Download it on your phone, the phone might notify you that a bug was being downloaded, skip that notification and continue downloading.
  3. Now, locate the file where you saved into the phone, and tap it on.
  4. Remember, you need to back up the device’s data, as the data of the phone gets lost when you carry out rooting.
  5. And just launch this app on your phone, and tap on the root button.
  6. This rooting app takes just a few minutes to get the rooting concluded.
  7. In the meantime, you try not to tweak with the phone, and wait the process gets concluded.
  8. And with that, when the phone restarted, check if the phone’s Super User permission has been granted.

Features of 360 Root:

  • 360 Root loaded with the dozens of useful features, comes free of cost. You are not going to paying a single penny to get the resources at the palm of your hands.
  • A simple to use application.
  • Compatible for all Android versions and Android phones.
  • Brought you privileges of rooting within few minutes.
  • Enable the Super User option on your phone, so that you could filter every app coming to your way.
  • Install the app what you were desired to install.
  • Brushes-off the apps which are killing the performance of the phone.
  • Moreover, remove the built-in apps eating your phone’s memory.
  • And much more features of this app.

So, now you can download 360 Root APK file English version from the provided download link or button. And be extra-careful while executing the root on your Android phone or tablet.